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2 Live Crew

The 2 Live Crew was an American hip hop group from Miami, United States which had its greatest commercial success in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Fronted by Luke Campbell, they were considerably controversial in the U.S. due to the sexually explicit and misogynistic content in their songs, particularly on their 1989 album As Nasty As They Wanna Be.
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2004: ''Stop-Playin''
2000: ''Private Personal Parts''
1998: ''The Real One''
1996: ''Shake a Lil’ Somethin’''
1993: ''Back at Your Ass for the Nine?4''
1991: ''Sports Weekend: As Nasty as They Wanna Be, Part II''
1990: ''Banned in the U.S.A.'' listen full album
1989: ''As Nasty as They Wanna Be''
1987: ''Move Somethin’''
1986: ''The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are''