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2 Minutos

2 Minutos or Dos Minutos are a punk rock band from Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have released ten albums since first receiving a contract by Phonogram in 1994. The band have toured mostly around Latin America.[1]
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2013: ''Valentín Alzheimer''
2010: ''Vamos a la granja / Directo al infierno'' listen full album
2006: ''Un mundo de sensaciones'' listen full album
2004: ''Superocho'' listen full album
2000: ''Antorchas'' listen full album
1999: ''Dos minutos de advertencia'' listen full album
1997: ''Postal '97'' listen full album
1995: ''Volvió la alegría, vieja!!!''
1994: ''Valentín Alsina''
1994: ''Valentín Alsina 1988-1993''