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AC-DC are an Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's departure in 2014. AC/DC continues to be one of the most iconic bands in music history! They sure know how to rock, and their career has been absolutely outstanding. Though each artist brings something remarkable to the table, it’s undeniable that AC/DC creates a truly revolutionary sound. For any fan of music out there, they will stress how deeply impactful these artists can be with just a few notes. They elevated rock as we know it and remain champions in the category! Everyone definitely has their own AC/DC favorite track, but some of their best songs include classics like “Thunderstruck”, “Highway to Hell”, and “Back In Black” – just incredible! AC/DC continues to be one of the most iconic bands in music history! They sure know how to rock, and their career has been absolutely outstanding.
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Girls Got Rhythm
Hell's Bells
Bad Boy Boogie

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AC/DC: Flawed Yet Beloved

Have you ever heard a classic Ac/Dc song and thought to yourself, “Gee, that would sound so much better if it were played on an accordion”? No? Then don’t be surprised—because no one has. That's right; AC/DC in all their glory do what they do best: blasts out loud and heavy riffs paired with Angus Young delivering high-pitch, keening vocals for songs about drinking beer, women, and rebellion. Unfortunately for the hard rockers among us though, they won't be winning any awards for their lyrical content...or musicianship anytime soon! So let's break down why this iconic Australian band is still beloved despite its many flaws!

Who hasn't heard at least one song by AC/DC? With classic tracks like Back in Black, Highway to Hell, and Thunderstruck, the band has become a household name. But let's face it, one can't help but notice the band's flaws, especially in their lyrical content. Despite this, the band has managed to solidify a place in the hearts of many listeners worldwide. But why is that the case? In this blog post, we'll break down the reasons AC/DC still remains beloved despite their flaws.

If we're talking about musicianship, AC/DC may not be the most technically talented band out there. However, that's not what their music is about. Their music is all about the energy, the passion, and the rawness that they bring to the table. The band's sound is defined by their signature loud, heavy riffs that are sure to get anyone's blood pumping. And let's not forget about Angus Young's electrifying stage presence, complete with his signature schoolboy outfit and high-octane guitar solos. It's this energy that has won over many fans over the years.

One of the most prominent draws for AC/DC is their no-nonsense attitude when it comes to their music. The band never tried to conform to industry standards or follow trends, which is reflected in their lyrics. AC/DC's songs are all about the simple things in life: drinking beer, chasing women, and sticking it to the man. Their lyrics may not be groundbreaking in terms of depth or complexity, but they're relatable, fun, and easy to sing along to. It's this universal appeal that has allowed AC/DC's music to transcend time and cultural barriers.

Another factor that plays a significant role in the band's appeal is their sense of humor. AC/DC's songs are full of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and playful innuendos that will put a smile on anyone's face. The band never took themselves too seriously and always kept things light-hearted, something that's reflected in their music videos and live performances. It's this sense of fun that has made the band's music an enjoyable listening experience for fans of all ages.

Lastly, AC/DC's longevity is a testament to their staying power. The band has been active for over four decades, releasing hit after hit and selling out arenas worldwide. Their music has become a part of popular culture, inspiring countless artists and shaping the rock genre as we know it today. AC/DC's ability to consistently deliver high-energy, catchy rock anthems that stand the test of time is a significant reason why they remain so beloved today.

In conclusion, despite its many flaws, AC/DC continues to remain beloved due to its high-energy, rawness, and humor. Their no-nonsense approach to their music, simple lyrics, and catchy tunes have won over millions of fans worldwide. Their music has become a part of popular culture that stands the test of time and inspires future generations of rockers. So, turn up the volume and let the hard rock riffs of AC/DC transport you to a simpler, more carefree time.
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1 - Dog Eat Dog
2 - Hells Bells
3 - For Those About To Rock
4 - Highway To Hell
5 - Let There Be Rock
6 - Back In Black
7 - Whole Lotta Rosie
8 - Thunderstruck
9 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
10 - Shoot To Thrill
11 - You Shook Me All Night Long
12 - T.N.T.
13 - Have a Drink on Me
14 - What Do You Do for Money Honey
15 - Shake a Leg
16 - The Jack
17 - High Voltage
18 - Who Made Who
19 - Touch Too Much
20 - Heatseeker
21 - Covered in Oil
22 - Hard as a Rock
23 - Rock N Roll Train
24 - Realize
25 - Rejection
26 - Demon Fire
27 - She's Got Balls
28 - Problem Child
29 - Kick You When You're Down
30 - Anything Goes
31 - Rocker
32 - Play Ball
33 - Shot Down In Flames
34 - Shot In The Dark
35 - For Those About To Rock (we Salute You)
36 - Walk All Over You
37 - Money Made
38 - Money Talks
39 - Jailbreak
40 - Ballbreaker
41 - Let's Get It Up
42 - Razors Edge
43 - I Put The Finger On You
44 - It's A Long Way To The Top (if You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)
45 - Witch's Spell
46 - Rock 'n' Roll Train
47 - If You Want Blood
48 - Tnt
49 - Down Payment Blues
50 - Sin City
51 - Sweet Candy
52 - Miss Adventure
53 - Live Wire
54 - War Machine
55 - Rock And Roll Aint Noise Pollution
56 - Stiff Upper Lip
57 - Systems Down
58 - Flick Of The Switch
59 - Through The Mists Of Time
60 - Baby Please Don't Go
61 - Got You By The Balls
62 - Evil Walks
63 - It's A Long Way To The Top
64 - Breaking The Rules
65 - Ride On
66 - Big Balls
67 - Money Shot
68 - Bad Boy Boogie
69 - Hell's Bells
70 - Girls Got Rhythm


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