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Amon Düül II

Amon Düül II (or Amon Düül 2) is a German rock band. The group is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on its development.
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2014: ''Düülirium''
2010: ''Bee as Such''
1997: ''Flawless''
1996: ''Kobe (Reconstructions)''
1995: ''Nada Moonshine #''
1983: ''Meetings With Menmachines Inglorious Heroes of the''
1982: ''Hawk Meets Penguin''
1981: ''Vortex''
1978: ''Only Human''
1977: ''Almost Alive''
1976: ''Pyragony X''
1975: ''Made in Germany''
1974: ''Hijack''
1973: ''Utopia''
1973: ''Vive La Trance''
1972: ''Carnival in Babylon''
1972: ''Wolf City''
1971: ''Tanz der Lemminge''
1970: ''Yeti''
1969: ''Phallus Dei''