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Angel Olsen


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2023-12-05 h: 20:00
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, US

Angel Olsen: The Journey and Evolution of A Unique Voice in Music

Angel Olsen has become one of the most talked-about singer-songwriters of this era, and it is not hard to see why. Her unique, unforgettable voice and profound song-writing talent have earned her a massive following throughout the years. But how did she get to where she is today and what has marked her path?

Angel Olsen was born in Missouri in 1987, and her passion for music began at a young age. Olsen began playing guitar and singing as a teenager and quickly found herself drawn to indie rock and folk music. She attended the University of Missouri, but her heart remained in making music. In 2009, Olsen moved to Chicago, where she began her journey as a musician. Olsen kick-started her career as a backup singer for multiple bands before fully venturing into solo work.

Olsen's unique sound is heavily influenced by her love for folk and country music. She cites Joan Baez, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen as her primary influences. Her discography showcases her evolution as an artist, with a crystalline vocal style that can be murky at times, accompanied by dreamy, lo-fi guitar playing. Her music has been described as a balance of nostalgia and innovation.

Olsen's debut album, Strange Cacti, released in 2010, was well received by critics and fans within the folk music scene. Olson’s music became more widely heard and she quickly began to amass a dedicated following. Olsen followed up her debut full-length album in 2012 by releasing Half Way Home, which helped to establish her unique voice and style beyond the folk scene. She also released a few other albums like 'Burn your fire for no witness' and revelatory album 'My woman.'

Angel Olson’s music mainly revolves around themes of love and emotions, that relates with her audience in an intimate way, her lyrics and music being personal reflection of either desire, falling in love, or falling out of love. However, Angel's music often has a melancholic ambience to it, making it a thought-provoking listen.

Conclusion: Angel Olsen’s emergence as a musician has been nothing short of meteoric, and her journey highlights how being true to your style, love for music, and diligence in your craft can take you to the top of the musical world. Olsen is a trailblazer in the music scene: she has stayed true to her unique voice, a quality that has endeared her to a massive audience and continues to draw admirers worldwide. Olsen has shown a distinctive approach to her music, and she has risen to be one of the most compelling artist of this era. Her unapologetic way of expressing her artistry has earned her a solid place in the hearts of many and will keep her legacy going for years to come.
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1 - Unfucktheworld
2 - Hi-five
3 - Lights Out
4 - White Fire
5 - High & Wild
6 - Stars
7 - Acrobat
8 - Iota
9 - Dance Slow Decades
10 - Windows
11 - Enemy
12 - The Waiting
13 - Safe In The Womb
14 - Lonely Universe
15 - Free
16 - Always Half Strange
17 - You Are Song
18 - Tiniest Seed
19 - Miranda
20 - Sweet Dreams
21 - Creator, Destroyer
22 - Some Things Cosmic
23 - Tiniest Lights
24 - Drunk And With Dreams
25 - So That We Can Be Still
26 - California
27 - Special
28 - Sister
29 - Shut Up Kiss Me
30 - All Mirrors
31 - Lark
32 - Never Be Mine
33 - Forgiven/forgotten
34 - Intern
35 - New Love Cassette
36 - Give It Up
37 - Heart Shaped Face
38 - Spring
39 - Those Were The Days
40 - Not Gonna Kill You
41 - Woman
42 - Fly On Your Wall
43 - What It Is
44 - Too Easy
45 - Pops
46 - Whole New Mess
47 - Chance
48 - Impasse
49 - Tonight
50 - Summer
51 - Endgame
52 - Waving, Smiling
53 - Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
54 - New Love Cassette (mark Ronson Remix)
55 - Gloria
56 - Big-time
57 - All The Good Times


2023-12-05 h: 20:00
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, US
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