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April March

April March (born Elinor Blake on April 20, 1965) is an American singer-songwriter who sings in English and French.



Is April March’s Music Really Justifiable?

It’s no secret that April March has an enormous and devoted following. But is it really justifiable? After all, her music isn't exactly groundbreaking. It's catchier than a cold but definitely not as revolutionary as she claims it to be. What better way to give the controversial artist a reality check than by taking a deeper dive into why some people don't take her seriously—all while trying hard not to burst out laughing!

April March, a controversial artist, has been able to amass quite an impressive following over the years. However, her music has faced criticism from many who believe it’s not as groundbreaking as she makes it out to be. In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper dive into the reasons why some listeners don’t take her music seriously, while trying not to burst out laughing!

One of the key reasons why some don’t take April March’s music seriously is because they believe it lacks substance. While her catchy tunes might get stuck in your head, they often lack depth or meaning. Many argue that her lyrics and melodies are forgettable and don’t leave a lasting impression on the listener. Her music seems more like a gimmick than something that truly pushes boundaries.

Another argument against April March’s music is that it’s formulaic. Her songs often follow a predictable structure, with similar chord progressions and hooks. One critic described her music as “cookie-cutter,” meaning that it follows a standardized pattern and lacks uniqueness. While her catchy melodies might make for easy listening, they often fail to leave a lasting impression.

Some listeners also criticize April March’s music for being derivative. Despite her claims of pushing boundaries, many argue that her music is heavily influenced by music from previous decades. Her retro-inspired sound has been praised by some but criticized by others for being formulaic and unoriginal. Her music seems more like a rehash of old ideas rather than something new and exciting.

In addition to these criticisms, some also take issue with April March’s persona and image. Some argue that her “quirky” and “kooky” persona comes across as forced and insincere. Her attempts to be seen as a trailblazer in the music industry come off as performative, and some feel that she is simply pandering to a niche audience. Her music seems to be more style than substance.

While April March might have an enormous and devoted following, there are valid criticisms against her music that cannot be ignored. Her lack of substance, formulaic approach, and derivative sound seem to indicate that her claims of pushing musical boundaries are unfounded. Additionally, her persona and image come across as insincere and performative. Despite these criticisms, however, there is no denying that her music is still catchy and enjoyable. Ultimately, whether or not her music is justifiable is up to the individual listener to decide.
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1 - Chick Habit
2 - Laisse tomber les filles
3 - Le Temps de l'amour
4 - Tu mens
5 - While We're Young
6 - Cet Air-La
7 - Caribou
8 - Pauvre Lola
9 - The Land of Go
10 - Coral Bracelet
11 - Sugar
12 - Le Temps des yoyos
13 - La Chanson De Prevert
14 - Poor Lola
15 - Deux Garçons Pour Une Fille
16 - Moto Shagg
17 - The Life Of The Party
18 - Le Code Rural
19 - Knee Socks
20 - Garcon Glacon
21 - Mignonette
22 - Garden Of April
23 - Zero Zero
24 - Triggers
25 - Sometimes When I Stretch
26 - Que Le Soleil Soit Maudit
27 - Mon Petit Cowboy
28 - Martine
29 - Necropolis
30 - Somewhere Up Above
31 - Cet Air-là
32 - Charlatan
33 - Pas Pareil
34 - Ideal Standard