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Azúcar Moreno

Azúcar Moreno (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈθukaɾ moˈɾeno]; Spanish for "brown sugar") is a Romani Spanish music duo consisted of sisters Antonia "Toñi" and Encarnación "Encarna" Salazar. The duo has sold more than 3 million albums and singles since 1984 domestically, and became famous in Europe, the United States and Latin America in the 1990s, with approximately 12 million albums sold worldwide.
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2003: ''Desde el principio''
2001: ''Únicas''
2000: ''Amén''
2000: ''Hazme el amor''
1998: ''Olé''
1997: ''Mucho Azucar''
1994: ''El Amor''
1992: ''Ojos Negros''
1991: ''Mambo''
1990: ''Bandido''
1990: ''The sugar mix album''
1989: ''Mix In Spain''
1988: ''Carne de Melocotron''
1986: ''Estimúlame''
1984: ''Con la miel en los labios''
''Serie Brillantes''