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Best Coast



Best Coast: A Musical Biography of a West Coast Sound

California Dreamin’ represents a powerful cultural and musical iconography the world over. The sound of the West Coast, echoed by a mix of melodies and lyrics that go beyond surf, beach, sunsets, and convertible cars, has inspired generations of music lovers and bands in different genres. One of the bands that has embraced this cultural phenomena, creating a unique sound, and placing themselves as one of the best of the West Coast sound is Best Coast. In this musical biography, we’ll explore the history behind the band, their most famous albums, and their most significant songs. So, grab your sunglasses, slather on some sunblock, and let’s ride our surfboards into the waves of Best Coast.

Bethany Cosentino formed Best Coast out of the golden sands of Los Angeles in 2009 with Bobb Bruno. The duo landed a record deal and released Crazy for You in 2010. The biggest hit of this debut album was ‘Summer Mood,’ inspired by the surf, sun, and the endless summers of California. Crazy for You has been hailed as a breakthrough album that brought surf rock back into the mainstream.

After the critical acclaim of Crazy for You comes the album The Only Place, produced by Jon Brion. The Only Place is an ode to the Best Coast's love for their state of California. It’s a feel-good album with tracks such as the title song ‘The Only Place’ and ‘Why I Cry.’ A pleasing part of this album was the sharp production, some song littered with layers of guitars and synths make it memorable.

The third album California Nights was released in 2015 has a lot of songs that deal with darker themes such as self-doubt and anxiety. ‘Heaven Sent’ is a standout track, with its driving beat, distorted guitars, and bruised-heart lyrics. The works of both the Beatles and Dylan are a significant influence on Cosentino's songwriting.

Live music is where Best Coast shines — they’re a tight act, with Bruno’s guitar playing mixing smoothly with Bethany Cosentino’s voice. They took a break in 2016 before returning in 2019 with their fourth album, Always Tomorrow. Holding an amazing live show, Best Coast's 5 album feature poppy, fuzzed-out rock embellished with the signature harmonic vocals.

Best Coast is a joyful band that inspires their musical style from the sun-soaked beaches of California. They have used that inspiration to create a sound that is unique, with an incredible ability to convey that California sound to the world. Their songs are catchy, poppy, and easy to fall in love with, but they are more than just cheerful anthems. Whether dealing with heartbreak, darkness, or self-doubt, Best Coast's songs are infused with a sense of authenticity and vulnerability that makes them relatable and memorable. Finally, we can safely say that Best Coast's music is an influential part of the West Coast sound, and they’re a must-listen band for all music lovers out there.
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1 - Crazy For You
2 - When I'm With You
3 - Our Deal
4 - The Only Place
5 - The End
6 - Summer Mood
7 - Goodbye
8 - I Want To
9 - When The Sun Don't Shine
10 - Bratty B
11 - Happy
12 - Feeling Ok
13 - Honey
14 - Up All Night
15 - Sun Was High (so Was I)
16 - Each And Everyday
17 - Why I Cry
18 - California Nights
19 - How They Want Me To Be
20 - No One Like You
21 - Last Year
22 - So Gone
23 - My Life
24 - Better Girl
25 - Dreaming My Life Away
26 - Let's Go Home
27 - This Lonely Morning
28 - Heaven Sent
29 - In My Eyes
30 - Something In The Way
31 - I Don't Know How
32 - Make You Mine
33 - Wish He Was You
34 - In My Room
35 - I Wanna Know
36 - Fine Without You
37 - Fear Of My Identity
38 - Feeling Of Love
39 - Over The Ocean
40 - This Is Real
41 - Angsty
42 - Fade Away
43 - Rhiannon
44 - So Unaware
45 - For The First Time
46 - Do You Love Me Like You Used To
47 - I Don't Know How
48 - When The Sun Don't Shine
49 - Boyfriend
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