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Brandy Rayana Norwood (born February 11, 1979), better known simply as Brandy, is an American recording artist and entertainer.



Brandy's Music: A Hilariously Absurd Critique

It's easy to look up Brandy and see her as a hit-making music artist whose silky vocals catapulted her career to dizzying heights. But here at We Listen, we thought it might be fun to take a deeper dive and pick apart the artistry of this iconic vocalist from an unconventional point of view - with humor! So join us as we critique Brandy's impressive body of work in hilariously absurd ways that you won't expect. And even if you don't agree with our opinions, at least you're sure to find yourself cracking a smile!

You know her from hits like The Boy Is Mine and I Wanna Be Down, but have you ever stopped to really think about the artistry of Brandy? Here at We Listen, we did just that, and we decided to have a little fun with it. So, let's take a hilarious and absurd look at Brandy's music and see if we can't appreciate her in a whole new light. Who knows, maybe even Brandy herself would get a kick out of our take on her work.

First up, let's talk about Brandy's 1994 hit, I Wanna Be Down. Sure, the song is all about wanting a guy's attention, but what we're really here to discuss is the serious lack of personal space in the music video. I mean, the number of times Brandy and her backup dancers invade this poor guy's personal bubble is borderline harassment. But hey, they're just trying to get the guy's attention, right?

Moving on to The Boy Is Mine, Brandy's infamous duet with Monica. While the song may be a classic, let's take a moment to appreciate the absolute ridiculousness of the scenario. Two women fighting over the same guy? Really? We can't help but laugh at the thought of Brandy and Monica trying to outdo each other in a messy, melodramatic fight over some dude who probably wasn't worth it in the first place.

Now, let's dive into Brandy's 2002 album, Full Moon. The title track itself is an absolute bop, but let's take a closer listen to those background vocals. In the chorus, there's a line that goes I wanna love you in every kind of way, I wanna please you no matter how long it takes. Okay, Brandy, we get it, but maybe dial it back just a little bit there. No need to be so... enthusiastic.

On the topic of enthusiastic, let's talk about Brandy's vocal runs. Girl can SING, don't get us wrong, but sometimes those runs can get a little out of hand. In What About Us?, for example, there are moments where Brandy's vocal runs sound more like she's trying to outdo a fire alarm than actually singing. But hey, she's still a legend in our eyes.

Brandy is a talented and iconic artist, there's no denying that. But sometimes, it's fun to take a step back and appreciate her work in a different way. We hope our hilariously absurd critique of Brandy's music gave you a good laugh and maybe even made you appreciate her even more. Because at the end of the day, we're all just here to enjoy good music and have a good time.
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1 - I Wanna Be Down
2 - Right Here (Departed)
3 - Sittin' Up in My Room
4 - Afrodisiac
5 - Almost Doesn't Count
6 - Put It Down
7 - Baby
8 - The Boy Is Mine
9 - Full Moon
10 - Have You Ever
11 - Long Distance
12 - Piano Man
13 - He Is
14 - Almost Doesn't Count
15 - Have You Ever?
16 - Sittin' Up In My Room
17 - Angel In Disguise
18 - The Definition
19 - Another Day In Paradise
20 - Talk About Our Love
21 - Intro
22 - Never Say Never
23 - Camouflage
24 - Should I Go
25 - Warm It Up (with Love)
26 - Fall
27 - Shattered Heart
28 - Torn Down
29 - True
30 - Human
31 - I Tried
32 - A Capella (something's Missing)
33 - Tomorrow
34 - Top Of The World
35 - Wildest Dreams
36 - Truthfully
37 - Best Friend
38 - I Wanna Be Down (feat. Queen Latifah, Yoyo & Mclyte) - Remix
39 - 1st & Love
40 - Happy
41 - Borderline
42 - Sadiddy
43 - Turn It Up
44 - Who I Am
45 - Focus
46 - Say You Will
47 - Come As You Are
48 - In The Car Interlude
49 - What About Us
50 - Baby Mama Ft. Chance The Rapper
51 - (everything I Do) I Do It For You
2020: B7
2012: Two Eleven
2008: Human
2004: Afrodisiac
2002: Full Moon
1994: Brandy