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Cannonball Adderley

Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley (September 15, 1928 – August 8, 1975) was an American jazz alto saxophonist of the hard bop era of the 1950s and 1960s.[2][3][4] Adderley is remembered for his 1966 soul jazz single "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy",[5] a crossover hit on the pop charts (it was also covered by the Buckinghams).
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1991: ''African Waltz''
1989: ''Portrait of Cannonball''
1987: ''Them Dirty Blues''
1985: ''Spontaneous Combustion''
1977: ''Coast to Coast''
1975: ''Lovers''
1975: ''Phenix''
1974: ''Love, Sex, and the Zodiac''
1974: ''Pyramid''
1968: ''Cannonball Adderley and the Bossa Rio Sextet with ''
1966: ''Them Adderley's''
1964: ''Fiddler on the Roof''
1962: ''Cannonball Plays Bossa Nova''
1962: ''Cannonball's Bossa Nova''
''Nancy Wilson''
1961: ''Cannonball Enroute''
1959: ''Blue Spring''
1959: ''Cannonball Takes Charge''
1959: ''Quintet in Chicago''
1958: ''Cannonball's Sharpshooters''
1958: ''Somethin’ Else''
1958: ''Things Are Getting Better''
1956: ''In the Land of Hi-Fi''
1955: ''And Strings''
1955: ''Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley''