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Carole King

Carole King Klein[2] (born Carol Joan Klein; February 9, 1942) is an American singer-songwriter who has been active since 1958, initially as one of the staff songwriters at the Brill Building and later as a solo artist. She is the most successful female songwriter of the latter half of the 20th century in the US, having written or co-written 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100.
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2012: ''The Legendary Demos'' listen full album
2011: ''A Holiday Carole''
2006: ''Up on the Roof''
2001: ''Love Makes the World''
1994: ''Pearls / Time Gone By''
1993: ''Colour of Your Dreams''
1989: ''City Streets''
1983: ''Speeding Time''
1982: ''One To One'' listen full album
1980: ''Pearls: Songs of Goffin and King''
1979: ''Touch the Sky''
1978: ''Welcome Home''
1977: ''Simple Things''
1976: ''Thoroughbred''
1975: ''Really Rosie''
1974: ''Wrap Around Joy'' listen full album
1973: ''Fantasy''
1971: ''Music'' listen full album
1971: ''Tapestry''
1970: ''Writer''