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Chase & Status: The Musical Journey of the UK Duo

Chase & Status have become a name synonymous with UK dance music. The drum and bass duo has been active since 2003 and has been taking the world by storm ever since. The UK duo is known for their high energy live shows that leave audiences in a state of euphoria. With six studio albums and countless singles, Chase & Status has cemented their place in the music industry. In this article, we will be diving into the musical biography of the duo, discussing their beginnings, most famous albums, songs, and their musical style and influences.

Chase & Status is a duo composed of Saul Milton, known as Chase, and Will Kennard, known as Status. They both hail from London and met in Manchester where they both studied at the Manchester School of Sound Recording. They bonded over their mutual love for drum and bass and shared similar taste in music. They started collaborating in Saul's bedroom, creating beats and experimenting with different sounds. Their early tracks were made using basic equipment, but their talent and dedication were evident in their production quality. In 2006, they released their debut album, More Than Alot, which received critical acclaim and put them on the map.

The duo's musical style is a mixture of drum and bass, dubstep, and electronic rock. They are known for their heavy beats, catchy melodies, and intense basslines. Chase & Status is unapologetic about their genre-bending sound, which has been described as a fusion of urban and electronic music. Their music often features collaborations with other artists, showcasing their openness to experimentation in sound and style.

Chase & Status's most famous album is No More Idols, released in 2011. The album features collaborations with artists like Plan B, Tinie Tempah, and CeeLo Green. It spawned hit singles like Blind Faith, Time, and End Credits, which propelled the duo to international success. The album went on to win Album of the Year at the Drum and Bass Awards, cementing their place in the music industry.

Some of Chase & Status's most famous songs include Eastern Jam, Pieces, and Lost and Not Found. Eastern Jam is a classic drum and bass track that showcases the duo's ability to create high energy, dancefloor-ready bangers. Pieces features Plan B and is a mix of drum and bass and hip hop, showing the duo's versatility in blending genres. Lost and Not Found features Louis M^ttrs and combines drum and bass and electro, a testament to the duo's willingness to experiment with different sounds.

Chase & Status has come a long way since their early days creating music in Saul's bedroom. From their debut album, More Than Alot, to their international success with No More Idols, the duo has consistently pushed the boundaries of drum and bass and electronic music. Their willingness to experiment with different sounds and collaborate with other artists has made their music accessible to a wider audience. Chase & Status is a prime example of the evolution of British electronic music and its impact on the world stage. As they continue on their musical journey, we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.
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1 - Eastern Jam
2 - Blind Faith
3 - No Problem
4 - Running
5 - Hurt You
6 - Let You Go
7 - Smash Tv
8 - Flashing Lights
9 - Pieces
10 - Time
11 - Music Club
12 - Against All Odds (feat. Kano)
13 - Hypest Hype
14 - Is It Worth It
15 - Count On Me
16 - Fire In Your Eyes
17 - Hitz
18 - Pieces (feat. Plan B)
19 - Lost & Not Found
20 - Streetlife
21 - International
22 - Blk & Blu
23 - Gun Metal Grey
24 - Wizard Killa
25 - What Is Right
26 - NRG ft. Novelist
27 - Loader
28 - Gangsta Boogie
29 - Pressure
30 - Program
31 - Machine Gun
32 - All Goes Wrong
33 - Midnight Caller
34 - Saxon
35 - Embrace
36 - Heavy
37 - Brixton Briefcase
38 - Fool Yourself
39 - Alive
40 - Lost & Not Found
41 - Hocus Pocus
42 - Foundation Skit
43 - Can't Get Enough
44 - Take Me Away
45 - End Credits