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Chris Rea

Christopher Anton Rea (/ˈriːə/ REE-ə; born 4 March 1951)[1] is an English rock and blues singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born and raised in Middlesbrough, he is of Italian and Irish descent. He is known for his distinctive, husky-gravel voice and slide guitar playing,[2][3] and the Guinness Rockopedia described him as a "gravel-voiced guitar stalwart".
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2011: ''Santo Spirito Blues''
2008: ''The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes''
2005: ''Blue Guitars''
2004: ''The Blue Jukebox''
2003: ''Blue Street (Five Guitars)''
2003: ''Hofner Blue Notes''
2002: ''Dancing Down the Stony Road''
2000: ''King of the Beach''
1999: ''The Road to Hell, Part 2''
1998: ''The Blue Cafe'' listen full album
1993: ''Espresso Logic''
1992: ''God's Great Banana Skin''
1991: ''Auberge''
1989: ''The Road to Hell''
1987: ''Dancing With Strangers''
1986: ''On the Beach''
1985: ''Shamrock Diaries'' listen full album
1984: ''Wired to the Moon''
1983: ''Water Sign''
1982: ''Chris Rea''
1980: ''Tennis''
1979: ''Deltics''
1978: ''Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?''