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Dandi Wind

Dandi Wind was a post-industrial band created in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2003. The band consisted of duo Dandilion Wind Opaine and Szam Findlay. Opaine went on to form the disco band Fan Death. "Dandi Wind" released two albums, 2006's Concrete Igloo and 2008's Yolk of the Golden Egg in addition to several EPs and singles, and featured in a variety of magazines and media outlets, including Supersweet Magazine,[1] NME,[2] Dazed & Confused, Exclaim!,[3] Nightlife Magazine,[4] The Nerve, Discorder Magazine,[5] The Georgia Straight,[6] and Trash Menagerie.
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2007: ''Yolk of the Golden Egg''
2006: ''Concrete Igloo''