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Danny Brown

Daniel Dewan Sewell (born March 16, 1981), better known by his stage name Danny Brown, is an American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, Michigan.


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Something Critic and Something Good about Danny Brown

Hey, all you music fans! Are you ready to hear two sides of the story? It's time for another one of my Something Critic and Something Good about... series and this time I'm taking a deep dive into Danny Brown. The rapper from Detroit has been making waves with his unique sound ? but is he really as good as people say? Let's find out together by looking at both something critic and something good about Danny Brown! Who knows, maybe even his biggest critics will end up changing their tune when they see what this artist has accomplished.

Hey there, fellow music lovers! Welcome back to another one of my Something Critic and Something Good about... series. Today, we're going to explore one of the hottest rappers on the scene, Danny Brown. The Detroit-born rapper has been making waves with his unique sound that stands out from the crowd. But is he really worth all the hype? Let's take a deep dive and find out. We'll examine both something critic and something good about Danny Brown, so even his biggest critics may be swayed by the end of this piece.

First, let's start with something critic about Danny Brown. Despite his unique sound, some listeners find his voice grating and hard to listen to. Some people can't get past his unique delivery style and found it too unusual or too out there. They seem unable to connect with his music or appreciate his originality. However, this voice is one of the rapper’s signature characteristic and if you’re willing to give it a chance, you may learn to love it.

On to the positive side, something good about Danny Brown is his fearless attitude. He is unafraid to try something new and take risks in his music. This attitude has led Brown to break many molds in the rap world and carve out his unique niche. He is never afraid to experiment with his beats by mixing classic rap elements with new and daring sounds, which is one of the reasons his work stands out so much. He’s also not afraid to speak about the less glamorous sides of life.

Another something critic about Danny Brown is his discography’s inconsistency. While his well-known hits such as Grown Up or Ain't It Funny are loved by many, critics argue that his work as a whole lacks coherence. They believe that he jumps around too much stylistically, which leaves his albums feeling disjointed. However, his approach to crafting music is how he has come up with some of the most memorable songs, and it is also worth noting that so much of our lives are disjointed, so some people can relate.

Lastly, the something good about Danny Brown is his storytelling ability. Despite some critics' opinions on his underlying structure, he is widely praised for his imaginative and intricate storytelling. Brown has a way of describing his experiences with such artistry that it transports his listeners to the world he has created through his rhymes. His ability to tell such vivid stories is what makes him addictive to listen to, with a single song capable of leaving you spellbound.

In conclusion, Danny Brown's music is a product of his unique approach to rap music, which has both its strengths and weaknesses. His unusual voice and somewhat inconsistent style might be off-putting for some listeners, but by looking at his content, you can understand how it’s what makes him special. He is fearless, creative, and never afraid to take chances, which is what we need in today's music industry. His storytelling ability is one of his main strengths, and it's always fascinating to hear what he has to say. After this deep dive, I hope you've been able to see both sides of the Danny Brown coin, and who knows, maybe his unique style has won you over.
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1 - Dip
2 - Kush Coma
3 - Wonderbread
4 - Gremlins
5 - Lonely
6 - XXX
7 - Torture
8 - Grown Up
9 - 25 Bucks (feat. Purity Ring)
10 - Monopoly
11 - Die Like a Rockstar
12 - Pac Blood
13 - Radio Song
14 - Side A (Old)
15 - Smokin & Drinkin
16 - I Will
17 - Blunt After Blunt
18 - Clean Up
19 - Lie4
20 - Ain't It Funny
21 - Really Doe
22 - Tell Me What I Don't Know
23 - Downward Spiral
24 - Pneumonia
25 - Lost
26 - When It Rain
27 - Best Life
28 - Dirty Laundry
29 - White Lines
30 - Dance In The Water
31 - Golddust
32 - Rolling Stone
33 - Outer Space
34 - Adderall Admiral
35 - Today
36 - Side B (dope Song)
37 - 3 Tearz
38 - Party All The Time
39 - Dna
40 - Nosebleeds
41 - Change Up
42 - Hell For It
43 - 30
44 - Theme Song
45 - Ewnesw
46 - Red 2 Go
47 - From The Ground
48 - Savage Nomad
49 - Fields
2014: Hot Soup
2013: Old
2011: XXX
2010: The Hybrid


2023-12-06 h: 20:00
New York (NYC), US
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2023-12-08 h: 20:00
The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
Los Angeles (LA), US
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