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Demis Roussos

Artemios "Demis" Ventouris-Roussos[a] (English: /ˈruːsoʊs/; 15 June 1946 – 25 January 2015) was a Greek - Egyptian vocalist and performer who had an internationally acclaimed career, as a single recording artist and bandleader. As a band member he is best remembered for his work in the progressive rock music act Aphrodite's Child, but as a vocal soloist, his repertoire included hit songs like ‘’Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye’’, ’’From Souvenirs to Souvenirs’’ and ’’Forever and Ever’’.
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2000: ''The Singles''
1999: ''Auf Wiederseh'n [BR Music]''
1998: ''Magic'' listen full album
1997: ''Mon île''
1993: ''Insight''
1993: ''The Art of Demis Roussos and Aphrodite's Child''
1988: ''Le Grec'' listen full album
1988: ''Time''
1987: ''Glory: The Christmas Album''
1987: ''Meine grossen Erfolge''
1984: ''Reflection'' listen full album
1982: ''Attitudes'' listen full album
1982: ''Profeta non sarò''
1980: ''Man Of The World'' listen full album
1979: ''Universum''
1978: ''Demis Roussos''
1977: ''Ainsi soit-il'' listen full album
1976: ''Die Nacht Und Der Wein''
1976: ''Happy To Be...''
1976: ''Kyrila Insel Der Träume''
1975: ''Souvenirs'' listen full album
1974: ''Auf Wiedersehn''
1974: ''My Only Fascination'' listen full album
1971: ''Fire And Ice'' listen full album