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Double-f The King

Double-F The King is determined to reconstruct the way the world views the whole trap and mainstream hip hop industry as filled with dumbed-down lyrics and concepts, by passing meaningful messages, without compromising the sonic appeal of his music. Now in his early twenties, Double-F spent almost two decades of his life writing thousands of songs across different genres (mainly hip hop) to satisfy his deep hunger for music, while battling with clashing interests in an African home. Unrepentantly shutting down shows and mastering his art throughout his whole schooling experience, Double-F is currently taking bold steps to exposing his sound to the whole world with his first official EP, King. The EP was released on the 29th of June, 2018. ?Double-F dreams of revolutionizing the industry by working with, and exposing talented individuals in different genres, to make good music available to everyone around the world. He will continue to bring smiles to the faces of those seeking for new, wavy sounds with positive and clear messages.
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