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Eric B. & Rakim

Eric B. & Rakim are music icons that have left their mark in the annals of artistic and musical history. As a influential Hip Hop duo, they pioneered a genre of sound that pushed the boundaries of what constituted popular music at the time. They were praised for their unique production technique and songwriting skills, crafting some of the most beloved classics not just within Rap but Cross over Pop as well. Tracks such as I Ain't No Joke , Follow the Leader and Paid in Full, among other additional ones, will remain timeless cult favorites forever honored in archiving Rap's early formative stages among true fans alike. The creative chemistry between Eric B. and Rakim was truly unparalleled; from timeless contribution to music's greatest landmarks until formulating underdogs release anticipated debut albums which became promptly certified Gold, Eric B. & Rakim place themselves as indeed revolutionary manifestos who shaped a whole culture like no one else before them — surely, musical legends set forth to shape the ongoing sonic world into something ourselves could've only dreamed possible all along!



Eric B. & Rakim: The Legacy of Hip-hop Pioneers

It’s hard to deny the fact that Eric B. & Rakim are one of hip-hop’s most influential and well-known acts. They’re widely regarded as one of the best beatmakers in rap history, credited with pioneering a variety of production techniques used decades later by today's biggest names. Despite this legacy, they have also been criticized for embracing their wealth and using their art to flaunt materialistic success over more socially conscious messages. In this blog post, we will look at both the criticism and praise surrounding Eric B. & Rakim’s music career while providing an overall perspective on why they remain relevant today.

If you're a fan of hip-hop music, you must have heard of Eric B. & Rakim. The duo is widely known for their contribution to the music genre and is often considered as one of the best beatmakers in rap history. However, despite the praise they received, Eric B. & Rakim were also criticized for flaunting their wealth and focusing on materialistic success rather than more socially conscious messages. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at both the criticism and praise surrounding their music career and why they remain relevant today.

Eric B. & Rakim first became part of the hip-hop scene in the 1980s. They were among the pioneers of the rap genre, introducing new techniques such as sampling and using multi-layered beats that have influenced many hip-hop artists in the decades that followed. Their albums, such as Paid in Full and Follow the Leader, broke new ground in terms of the sound and tone of rap music.

Despite their influence, Eric B. & Rakim were criticized for embracing their wealth and flaunting their material possessions in their music and public appearances. Many fans who preferred conscious hip-hop were turned off by their ostentatious displays of wealth, which they saw as contrary to the socially conscious themes commonly associated with the genre. Nonetheless, Eric B. & Rakim continue to attract new fans who appreciate their skillful beats and innovative approach to rap music.

One of the reasons why Eric B. & Rakim's music remains relevant today is because their innovative production techniques have become a hallmark of contemporary hip-hop. Many of today's top artists have borrowed from their multi-layered beats and sampling techniques. In other words, Eric B. & Rakim's music not only stands the test of time but also continues to influence and shape contemporary hip-hop soundscapes.

Another factor that has contributed to their ongoing relevance is the group's ability to balance socially conscious themes with their wealth and success. While Eric B. & Rakim are known for flaunting their riches, they also recognize their responsibility as public figures to promote important social issues. For example, Paid in Full features the song I Ain't No Joke, which addresses the realities of police violence against Black people. At the same time, the album also includes tracks like Eric B. Is President that celebrate their luxurious lifestyle.

Eric B. & Rakim remain one of hip-hop's most influential acts, despite both criticism and praise regarding their music. They have been credited with pioneering new production techniques that have influenced many contemporary hip-hop artists. Their music continues to resonate with audiences because it blends socially conscious messages with materialistic success. Ultimately, Eric B. & Rakim's legacy in hip-hop history remains both unique and enduring.
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1 - Juice
2 - Paid In Full
3 - I Know You Got Soul
4 - Don't Sweat The Technique
5 - I Ain't No Joke
6 - My Melody
7 - Microphone Fiend
8 - Eric B. Is President
9 - Move The Crowd
10 - Follow The Leader
11 - Eric B. Is On The Cut
12 - As The Rhyme Goes On
13 - Chinese Arithmetic
14 - Extended Beat
15 - Lyrics Of Fury
16 - Eric B. Never Scared
17 - Just A Beat
18 - No Competition
19 - Let The Rhythm Hit 'em
20 - Put Your Hands Together
21 - Musical Massacre
22 - The R
23 - What's On Your Mind
24 - Casualties Of War
25 - To The Listeners
26 - Paid In Full - Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix
27 - Keep The Beat
28 - Beats For The Listeners
29 - The Punisher
30 - Mahogany
31 - No Omega
32 - Juice (know The Ledge) - Main Mix
33 - Pass The Hand Grenade
34 - Rest Assured
35 - Teach The Children
36 - What's Going On
37 - Paid In Full (coldcut Remix)
38 - Kick Along
39 - Relax With Pep
40 - Run For Cover
41 - Eric B Is On The Cut
42 - Step Back