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Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Walter Luciano Ramazzotti (Italian: [ˈɛːroz ˈvalter luˈtʃaːno ramatˈtsɔtti]; born 28 October 1963) is an Italian musician, singer and songwriter.[1] Ramazzotti is popular in Italy and most European countries, and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, as he has released most of his albums in both Italian and Spanish.
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2012: ''Noi''
2009: ''Ali e radici''
2005: ''Calma apparente'' listen full album
2003: ''9''
2000: ''Stilelibero'' listen full album
1996: ''Dove c'è musica''
1993: ''Tutte storie''
1990: ''In ogni senso'' listen full album
1988: ''Musica è''
1987: ''In certi momenti'' listen full album
1986: ''Nuovi eroi''
1985: ''Cuori agitati'' listen full album