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Fates Warning

Fates Warning is an American progressive metal band,[1] formed in 1982 by vocalist John Arch, guitarists Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini, bassist Joe DiBiase, and drummer Steve Zimmerman in Hartford, Connecticut.[2] A pioneer of the progressive metal movement, Fates Warning has been referred to as one of the "Big Three" of the genre, along with Queensrÿche and Dream Theater; namely, the bands who are most responsible for progressive metal's creation, development and popularization.
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2013: ''Darkness in a Different Light''
2004: ''FWX''
2000: ''Disconnected''
1997: ''A Pleasant Shade of Gray''
1994: ''Inside Out'' listen full album
1991: ''Parallels'' listen full album
1989: ''Perfect Symmetry''
1988: ''No Exit'' listen full album
1986: ''Awaken the Guardian'' listen full album
1985: ''The Spectre Within'' listen full album
1984: ''Night on Bröcken''