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Fiorella Mannoia

Fiorella Mannoia (.mw-parser-output .IPA-label-small{font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output .references .IPA-label-small,.mw-parser-output .infobox .IPA-label-small,.mw-parser-output .navbox .IPA-label-small{font-size:100%}Italian pronunciation: [fjoˈrɛlla manˈnɔːja]; born 4 April 1954) is an Italian singer and songwriter.
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Teatro Filarmonico
Verona, Italy

A Musical Journey through Fiorella Mannoia's Biography and Achievements

Do you know who Fiorella Mannoia is? If not, you are about to discover one of the most remarkable Italian performers of all time. Fiorella Mannoia is a renowned singer and actress who has been making music since the 1970s. She has released over a dozen studio albums and has won numerous awards for her outstanding contribution to Italian music. Let's take a musical journey through her life, career, and achievements.

Early Life and Career

Born in 1954 in Rome, Italy, Fiorella Mannoia grew up in a family of musicians. She started her musical journey as a background vocalist for popular Italian artists like Lucio Dalla and Ron. In 1974, she landed her first record deal with RCA, and her debut album Mannoia...Lei was released a year later. Though the album did not achieve commercial success, her subsequent work did.

Most Famous Albums

Over the years, Fiorella has released numerous albums that have been received well by critics and listeners alike. One of her most successful works is Le parole perdute, which was released in 1992. The album was a commercial and critical success, featuring some of her best-known songs, including Le parole perdute, Basta poco, and Mille passi. Another popular album is Pia come la canto io, released in 2009. It is a tribute to the Italian songwriter Pino Daniele and features some of his most famous works. Recently, she released the album Persona, which is a collection of songs that reflects her personal and artistic evolution.

Most Famous Songs

Fiorella Mannoia's music can be classified as pop with a touch of rock, folk, and soul. Her lyrics often deal with social and political issues, poverty, love, and life in general. Some of her most famous songs include Quello che le donne non dicono, Sally, E poi arrivi tu, La casa in riva al mare, and Il cielo d'Irlanda. These songs have made her an iconic Italian singer, who can fill concert halls and arenas.

Musical Style and Influences

Fiorella Mannoia's music is influenced by American and British rock and soul music, as well as Italian traditional music. She has collaborated with several Italian songwriters and musicians, including Ivano Fossati, Vasco Rossi, and Gianna Nannini. Her musical style is characterized by her powerful and emotive voice, the use of acoustic and electric instruments, and her ability to convey a range of emotions through her lyrics.

Fiorella Mannoia is an Italian treasure, whose music has transcended generations and is celebrated by people from all walks of life. Her unique voice, style, and lyrics have made her one of the most respected and admired music icons of all time. Her achievements make her stand out as a musician who cares about a social message, and her music reflects her passion for life. If you haven't listened to Fiorella Mannoia's music yet, it's time to experience the magic she creates. She is a true legend of Italian music, who we should cherish and celebrate for years to come.
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1 - Quello Che Le Donne Non Dicono
2 - Il Cielo D'Irlanda
3 - Come si cambia
4 - Ho Imparato a Sognare
5 - Le Notti Di Maggio
6 - I Treni A Vapore
7 - Io non ho paura
8 - La casa in riva al mare
9 - Anna e Marco
10 - Sorvolando Eilat
11 - Belle Speranze
12 - Occhi Neri
13 - Io Che Amo Solo Te
14 - Fragile
15 - Lunaspina
16 - Crazy Boy
17 - Normandia
18 - Sally
19 - Il Tempo Non Torna Più
20 - Ascolta L'infinito
21 - I Venti Del Cuore
22 - Non Sono Un Cantautore
23 - Caffè Nero Bollente
24 - I Dubbi Dell'amore
25 - Caterina E Il Coraggio
26 - Un Aeroplano A Vela
27 - Che Sia Benedetta
28 - L'assenza
29 - L'aiuola
30 - Il Fiume E La Nebbia
31 - Estate
32 - Le Tue Parole Fanno Male
33 - Dio è Morto
34 - La Paura Non Esiste
35 - Io Posso Dire La Mia Sugli Uomini
36 - E Penso A Te
37 - Cercami
38 - Perfetti Sconosciuti
39 - Giovanna D'arco
40 - Oh Che Sarà


2023-12-18 h: 21:00
Teatro Filarmonico
Verona, Italy
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Arena di Verona
Verona, Italy
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2024-05-05 h: 21:00
Arena di Verona
Verona, Italy
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