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Frankie Paul

Paul Blake (19 October 1965[1] – 18 May 2017), better known as Frankie Paul, was a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist. Born blind, he has been dubbed by some 'The Jamaican Stevie Wonder'. Contents 1 Biography 2 Citation 3 Discography 3.1 Albums 4 References Biography[edit] Born in Jamaica in 1965,[2] Blake was born blind but as a child had his sight partially restored by an operation on a hospital ship.
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1992: ''Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail!''
1991: ''Start of a Romance''
1988: ''Frankie Paul at Studio One''
1985: ''Still Alive''
1985: ''Tidal Wave''
1984: ''Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng''
''De Yah Again''
''Don Man''
''Pass the Tu Sheng Peng + Tidal Wave''