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Golden Earring

Golden Earring was a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 in The Hague as The Golden Earrings. They achieved worldwide fame with their international hit songs "Radar Love" in 1973, which went to number one on the Dutch charts, reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, and went to number thirteen on the United States charts,[1][2] "Twilight Zone" in 1982, and "When the Lady Smiles" in 1984.
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Last songs aggiornate a Giugno 2022
I'm Going To Send My Pigeons To The Sky
No For An Answer
Why Do I


2003: ''Millbrook U.S.A.''
2001: ''Eight Miles Back''
1999: ''Paradise in Distress''
1995: ''Love Sweat'' listen full album
1994: ''Face It''
1991: ''Bloody Buccaneers'' listen full album
1989: ''Keeper of the Flame''
1986: ''The Hole''
1984: ''N.E.W.S.''
1982: ''Cut'' listen full album
1980: ''Prisoner of the Night''
1979: ''No Promises... No Debts''
1978: ''Grab It for a Second''
1976: ''Contraband''
1976: ''To the Hilt''
1975: ''Switch''
1973: ''Moontan'' listen full album
1972: ''Together''
1971: ''Seven Tears''
1970: ''Golden Earring (Wall of Dolls)''
1969: ''Eight Miles High'' listen full album
1969: ''On the Double''
1968: ''Miracle Mirror'' listen full album
1967: ''Winter Harvest''
1965: ''Just Earrings''