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Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psytrance-electronica-psychedelic-indie duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Let's get happy with some of Infected Mushroom's best songs and music! Their dynamic beats are the perfect jam for any mood. Whether you're looking for some high energy or something to sway along to, Infected Mushroom always has a catchy tempo. With their unique blend of genres across their albums since 1999, it's no surprise why so many flock to these tracks that have stood the test of time. Enjoy some Infected Mushroom today and start your own epic dance party!

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Song Pong

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Infected Mushroom: The Good, The Bad, and The Reviews

If you're a fan of psychedelic trance music, chances are good that you've heard of Infected Mushroom. This Tel Aviv based band has been pushing the boundaries of electronic and alternative music ever since there 1999 debut album, The Gathering. Their unique sound combines influences from all corners of the world: Middle Eastern strings, twisted western basslines, and crunchy drums reminiscent of India's bhangra rhythms. While any long-time listener will have plenty to say about their vibrant live performances or outspokenness on social media issues, it can be difficult to discern what critics think– hence why we'll be taking an in-depth look at both the positive and negative reviews Infected Mushroom has garnered over the years. For all its flaws (and there certainly are some!), this progressive group continues to win over new seasoned fans alike with its signature blend of nostalgia-tinged melodies.

For over two decades, Infected Mushroom has been a driving force in the world of psychedelic trance music with their eclectic sound that blends various cultural influences. As with any long-standing band, they have amassed an array of reviews, both positive and negative. For those who love their music, it might be hard to acknowledge any shortcomings. However, in this in-depth look at their reviews, we'll take an honest approach to examine both the good and the bad. So whether you're a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer eager to learn more about Infected Mushroom, keep reading to discover what the critics have to say.

The beauty of Infected Mushroom is its ability to bring together distinct global sounds in a cohesive way. This is why they have been consistently praised for their innovative approach to music. Critics have described their music as fearless and genre-defying (AllMusic) and a truly unique experience (Resident Advisor). Their music has been noted to inspire and create a sense of euphoric energy on the dance floor. Infected Mushroom's ability to layer melodies and rhythms has been highly appreciated, and they remain a standard for what it means to be a ground-breaking act.

Despite a large number of positive reviews, there are also critical ones that point out areas they fall short. One of the most common criticisms is that their music lacks dynamics, with too many layers sounding muddied and compressed in the final version. According to some critics, this detracts from the overall listening experience (Consequence of Sound). Additionally, some reviewers have noted that Infected Mushroom's sound can become repetitive. They argue that it becomes hard to distinguish between different songs and releases (PopMatters). These criticisms, whether valid or not, suggest that Infected Mushroom's music is best consumed in small doses.

Infected Mushroom is no stranger to experimentation. However, some fans feel that the band's desire to push the boundaries has led them to produce risky choices regarding their sound. Their later albums, especially 'Head of Nasa and The 2 Amish Boys', have been described as confusing and unfocused most notably by Resident Advisor. Their sound has become less trance-focused and more experimental, resulting in an overall lesser impact. While there is admiration for their willingness to evolve as artists, some feel they have strayed too far from their core sound.

Despite any flaws Infected Mushroom might have, they have built a strong fan following worldwide. They are currently one of the most successful bands within the psychedelic trance scene, thanks to their live performances, and constant output of music. Infected Mushroom's fans see them as mesmerizing, engaging and masterful (The Music), and it's not hard to see why. Seeing Infected Mushroom perform live is a highlight for festival-goers and music enthusiasts looking for something different.

In conclusion, Infected Mushroom's music has always been divisive, even among their fans. Some love them, some loathe them, but regardless of opinions, the band remains one of the most influential producers within the global psytrance scene. Infected Mushroom's music and style have changed over time, but they have managed to maintain a distinct and recognizable sound. They continue to inspire new listeners with their boundary-pushing music and with over two decades in the industry, it's clear they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.
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1 - Poquito Mas
2 - Becoming Insane
3 - Heavyweight
4 - The Pretender
5 - Saeed
6 - Artillery
7 - Suliman
8 - Vicious Delicious
9 - Cities of the Future
10 - Forgive Me
11 - In Front of Me
12 - Special Place
13 - Deeply Disturbed
14 - I Wish
15 - Change the Formality
16 - Eat It Raw
17 - Converting Vegetarians
18 - Before
19 - Elation Station
20 - IM the Supervisor
21 - Never Mind
22 - Muse Breaks Rmx
23 - Bust A Move
24 - Albibeno
25 - Meduzz
26 - Shakawkaw
27 - Ratio Shmatio
28 - Horus The Chorus
29 - Frog Machine
30 - Drop Out
31 - Bombat
32 - Psycho
33 - Disco Mushroom
34 - None Of This Is Real
35 - Blink
36 - End Of The Road
37 - Stretched
38 - Can't Stop
39 - Hush Mail
40 - Herbert The Pervert
41 - Dancing With Kadafi
42 - Scorpion Frog
43 - Release Me
44 - Avratz
45 - Noon
46 - Echonomix
47 - Pletzturra
48 - Song Pong


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