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Isabelle Antena

Isabelle Antena (born 28 May 1960) is a French singer and songwriter, notable both as a founder of electro-samba pioneers Antena and also as a prolific and successful solo artist.[1] Contents 1 Biography 2 Discography 3 References 4 External links Biography[edit] Isabelle Antena is a pioneer of bossa nova and samba-inflected nu jazz and electropop.
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''De l'amour et des hommes, volumes 1''
2006: ''French Riviera''
2005: ''Easy Does It''
2001: ''Take Me to Paradise''
1999: ''De l'amour et des hommes, volume 2''
1997: ''Mediterranean Songs''
1996: ''À la belle étoile''
1992: ''Carpe Diem''
1991: ''Les Derniers Guerriers romantiques''
1990: ''Intemporelle''
1989: ''Jouez le cinq''
1987: ''Hoping for Love''
1986: ''En cavale''
''Tous mes caprices''