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Nashville-based americana singer-songwriter with a new album and single out. He's currently in the Top 30 with 2 singles on the Roots Music Report chart. He has toured throughout the US and Europe. His videos have been selected for major film festival screenings.
Discovering Jeremy Parsons, the Country Music Phenomenon
Music has the power to connect us all and bring us together, and one artist who has been doing that remarkably is Jeremy Parsons. A rising country music star with a beautiful voice and a bunch of soulful songs, Parsons has been captivating listeners from across the globe, making them sing with him on his various tunes. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at this country-rock sensation, his musical biography, genre, best songs, the top concerts he has performed, and a critic.
Jeremy Parsons was born in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Laredo, on the US-Mexico border. From an early age, Parsons exhibited a passion for music, and over the years, he has honed his skills, turning his passion for singing and songwriting into a career. He attributes his influences to classic rock, Texas country, and Latin music, which all played important roles in shaping his musical signature. His music has a seamless blend of country-rock, Americana, and a Western feel, which are evident in his writing style.
Parsons has a repertoire of fantastic songs, but some that you cannot afford to miss include Why Is the Bluebird Blue, Burn This House Down, and Making Things Up as I Go. Still, perhaps his most famous tune is Heavy Things. This song expresses Parsons' frustration with how people deal with emotional baggage, often downplaying their pain until the baggage becomes too heavy to carry. Parsons sings with soul, bringing out the heart and soul of this song, making it a favorite among fans.
Jeremy the phenomenon has performed in numerous music festivals, but perhaps his most notable concert was the Blackbird Music Festival in 2019. Parsons' poignant voice and excellent onstage presence that day had the audience chanting his name and calling for more. His other popular gigs are the Key West Songwriters Festival, Penn's Peak, among others. Parsons ensures his stage presence communicates the passion and soul he pours into his music, creating a vibe of stardom and connection with his fans.
Jeremy Parsons' music is a breath of fresh air, in a time when true musical expression is at a premium. He taps into the heart and soul of classic country music while bringing in other genres to incorporate his unique style that keeps his music interesting and inspiring. In a sea of country music artists that play it safe, Parsons stands out with his personal style that resonates well with thousands of fans.
Critics have nothing but good things to say about Parsons, and rightly so. They describe his voice as passionate, deep, and unforgettable and praise him for crafting music that resonates with emotions. Parsons' music has storytelling capabilities, especially in Why Is the Bluebird Blue, with his deeply expressive way of bringing his lyrics to life.
Jeremy Parsons' rise in the music industry has not been a casual one. He has worked his way to the top, and it's evident in his music. With heart and soul put into every single note, Parsons' voice and guitar chords can evoke emotion and passion in people. He has a unique, unforgettable sound that has made him one of the top country-rock artists of the modern era. If you haven't already given Jeremy Parsons a listen, then it's time to add him to your playlist and let his songs rock your world.
1 - Burn This House Down
2 - Why Is The Bluebird Blue