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Lena Horne

Lena Mary Calhoun Horne (June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010) was an American singer, actress, civil rights activist and dancer.



Why We Love Lena Horne: A Closer Look at the Iconic Singer

Throughout her long career, iconic singer Lena Horne has enchanted audiences with her powerful voice and timeless renditions of popular music. But what makes this artist such a beloved icon? Today we take a closer look at both the critical and adoring aspects surrounding the life and times of the legendary Lena Horne - weighing up her unique sound with some of her more questionable personal choices. It's time to get real about why we have so much love for this amazing artist.

Lena Horne is a name that needs no introduction. Her incredible voice, fierce stage presence, and timeless music have enchanted audiences for decades. But beyond the surface, what is it about Lena Horne that makes her such a beloved icon? In this blog post, we're going to take a closer look at both the critical and adoring aspects surrounding the life and times of the legendary Lena Horne. We'll weigh up her unique sound with some of her more questionable personal choices, and ultimately get to the heart of why we have so much love for this amazing artist.

Firstly, it's important to note just how talented Lena Horne was as a singer. Her voice was powerful and emotive, with a unique richness that set her apart from other artists of her time. Her renditions of classic songs like Stormy Weather and The Man I Love are simply breathtaking, and have stood the test of time as true classics. But beyond her vocal abilities, Lena Horne also had an undeniable stage presence that drew audiences in and left them mesmerized. From her stunning fashion choices to her confident and commanding demeanor, she truly was a force to be reckoned with.

That being said, Lena Horne was not without her controversies. Throughout her career, she faced racial discrimination and prejudice that left her feeling angry and disillusioned with the industry. In the 1940s and 50s, she was often relegated to exotic roles in films that perpetuated harmful stereotypes about Black women. Some critics argue that her decision to take on these roles only perpetuated harmful ideas and hindered progress for Black people in Hollywood.

However, it's important to contextualize Lena Horne's decisions within the broader societal context of her time. Black actors and actresses were often forced to accept whatever roles were offered to them, as opportunities were severely limited due to racial discrimination. In many ways, Lena Horne's decision to take on these roles was a form of resistance - a way to subvert the harmful narratives perpetuated by Hollywood by showing Black women in positions of power and beauty.

Another aspect of Lena Horne's life that is often discussed is her personal life, particularly her marriage to a white man. At the time, interracial marriages were highly controversial, and Lena Horne faced intense backlash and criticism for her decision to marry a white man. However, once again it's important to understand her choices within their wider context. Lena Horne was a trailblazer, refusing to be constrained by the societal norms of her time. Her decision to marry a white man was a powerful statement about love and equality, and helped to push the conversation around interracial relationships forward.

In conclusion, it's clear that Lena Horne was a complex and multifaceted artist, whose talents and decisions continue to spark thought and discussion. While she was not without her controversies, her incredible voice, commanding stage presence, and trailblazing spirit have made her a beloved and iconic figure in music history. By understanding the context surrounding her decisions and appreciating the incredible music she left behind, we can continue to honor and celebrate her legacy for generations to come.
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1 - Stormy Weather
2 - I Want a Little Doggie
3 - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
4 - Love Me or Leave Me
5 - Speak Low
6 - From This Moment On
7 - How Long Has This Been Going On
8 - Jingle All The Way
9 - The Lady Is a Tramp
10 - A Fine Romance
11 - It Had Better Be Tonight
12 - Night and Day
13 - When I Fall in Love
14 - More Than You Know
15 - Honeysuckle Rose
16 - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
17 - Wives And Lovers
18 - Mad About the Boy
19 - At Long Last Love
20 - I Got Rhythm
21 - The Man I Love
22 - Winter Wonderland
23 - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
24 - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
25 - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
26 - Moanin' Low
27 - Someone To Watch Over Me
28 - Old Devil Moon
29 - Just One Of Those Things
30 - Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
31 - Ill Wind
32 - How Long Has This Been Going On?
33 - Whispering
34 - Careless Love
35 - Diga Diga Do
36 - Everytime We Say Goodbye
37 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
38 - One For My Baby (and One More For The Road)
39 - Haunted Town
40 - Where Or When
41 - Get Out Of Town
42 - 'deed I Do
43 - You Do Something To Me
44 - Something To Live For
45 - I Got Rhythm (take The Lead Remix)
46 - Singin' In The Rain
47 - Sleigh Ride In July