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Lucille Bogan

Lucille Bogan (April 1, 1897 – August 10, 1948) was an American blues singer, among the first to be recorded.



A Journey Through Lucille Bogan's Musical Biography

Music has the power to transcend borders, generations, and language barriers. The blues genre, in particular, has been a way of expressing emotions, struggles, and experiences through a language that resonates with people worldwide. Among the artists who have left a significant mark in the blues panorama is Lucille Bogan. Born in Mississippi in 1897, Bogan's life revolved around music. She started performing in her church, but her talent eventually led her to record with renowned labels such as Okeh Records and Paramount Records. This article is a journey through her musical biography, from her beginnings to her most famous songs.

Lucille Bogan had an intense passion for music from an early age, but it wasn't until she moved to Birmingham, Alabama, that she began performing professionally. She quickly gained popularity among local audiences, which led to her recording her first song in 1923. Bogan's musical style was characterized by her raw and honest singing, which often addressed taboo topics such as sex and domestic violence. Her lyrics were both shocking and empowering, giving voice to a marginalized group of women who had never been represented in music before.

Bogan's career took off in the 1930s when she began recording with Okeh Records and later with Paramount Records. Her first recordings with Okeh, such as New Shake That Thing and Skin Game Blues, were massive hits, making her one of the most sought-after female blues singers of the time. Her most famous song, Shave 'Em Dry, released in 1935, was an immediate success. The song's explicit content caused controversy, leading to its censorship in radio stations, but it still became a popular party song.

Lucille Bogan's influence on the blues genre is undeniable. She paved the way for other women to sing about topics that were considered taboo at the time, such as sexuality and divorce. Bogan's music was an expression of her own life experiences, and she used it as a way to empower herself and other women. Her lyrics addressed the struggles and realities of being a poor, uneducated woman in America during the early 20th century.

Bogan's legacy continues to inspire many female artists today. Her music has been covered by artists like Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. In 1982, she was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, cementing her place as one of the most influential female blues singers of all time. Even though her career was short-lived, Lucille Bogan's music continues to resonate with listeners around the world.

Lucille Bogan was a pioneer in the blues genre and a trailblazer for female artists. Her honest and raw lyrics spoke to the experiences of many women during a time when their voices were rarely heard. Her contributions to music were groundbreaking and continue to inspire artists today. Bogan's musical journey proves that true talent and passion can break through barriers and change the world.
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1 - Shave 'Em Dry
2 - Till The Cows Come Home
3 - B.D. Woman's Blues
4 - Barbecue bess
5 - Baking powder blues
6 - Sloppy Drunk Blues
7 - Drinking Blues
8 - Alley boogie
9 - Man Stealer Blues
10 - Shave 'em Dry Ii
11 - Stew Meat Blues
12 - Tired As I Can Be
13 - Coffee Grindin' Blues
14 - Pot Hound Blues
15 - Pig Iron Sally
16 - Groceries On The Shelf
17 - Black Angel Blues
18 - Watcha Gonna Do?
19 - Struttin' My Stuff
20 - The Pawn Shop Blues
21 - Cravin' Whiskey Blues
22 - My Georgia Grind
23 - Whiskey Selling Woman