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Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch (born Lydia Anne Koch, June 2, 1959)[1][3] is an American singer, poet, writer, actress and self-empowerment speaker. Her career was spawned by the New York no wave scene.[4] Her work typically features provocative and confrontational noise music delivery, and has maintained an anti-commercial ethic,[5] operating independently of major labels and distributors.
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2013: ''Medusa's Bed''
2011: ''Twist of Fate''
2004: ''Smoke in the Shadows''
1991: ''Shotgun Wedding'' listen full album
1989: ''Honeymoon in Red''
1988: ''The Crumb''
1985: ''The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton''
1982: ''13.13''
1980: ''Queen of Siam'' listen full album