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An Italian rock band that wins the Eurovison Song Contest in 2021. Their style is so particular that they quickly achieve success even in the world of pop. This is because their glam rock is so catchy and so varied that many people and many social classes who are actually discriminated by the mainstream personify themselves with Maneskin words and their rebellious sound. Listen to the best Maneskin songs in both Italian and English.


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Who is Maneskin?

Maneskin, an Italian rock band from Rome, Italy, has come to take over the world. This four-member group consists of Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass/backing vocals), Ethan Torchio (guitar) and Thomas Raggi (drums). They have released two albums and are currently touring in Europe. Their genre of music is a mix of alternative rock and glam rock. In 2021 they won the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Zitti e Buoni. Today we will be talking about why Maneskin is worth listening to!

Their Music
The music that Maneskin creates is both unique and captivating. It combines elements of glam rock and alternative rock while still maintaining its own individual sound. The lyrics are catchy, the melodies are memorable, and there's something for everyone in their songs. Their first album Teatro d'ira - Vol I was critically acclaimed upon its release in 2018 and was followed up two years later by another successful album titled Damiano. One thing that sets Maneskin apart from other bands is the way their lead singer Damiano David commands the stage with his powerful vocals. His energy has been known to captivate audiences wherever they go!

Their Style
Another factor that sets Maneskin apart from other bands is their style. Not only do they have great music, but they also have a distinct look that resonates with their fans. Everything from the clothes they wear onstage to their colorful hair styles encapsulates what makes them stand out as a band. It’s no surprise that young people all over Europe want to dress like them or get haircuts similar to theirs!

Their Impact on Pop Culture
Maneskin's influence can be felt far beyond just their music; it extends into pop culture as well. After winning Eurovision 2021, people all over the world started searching for more information about the band online; suddenly there were memes being created about them on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. They even had a clothing line created in collaboration with fashion designer Davide Cenciaro featuring T-shirts, hoodies, hats etc., which quickly sold out after its release!

It's easy to see why Maneskin has become so popular over such a short period of time; between their captivating music, stylish look, and impact on pop culture—they have it all! Whether you're looking for an introduction into alternative rock or just want something upbeat to jam out to while you’re driving around town—you can't go wrong with Maneskin! So make sure you give them a listen today if you haven't already—you won't regret it!
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1 - Morirò Da Re
2 - Torna A Casa
3 - Beggin'
4 - Recovery
5 - Chosen
6 - Fear For Nobody
7 - L'altra Dimensione
8 - Zitti E Buoni (official Video - Sanremo 2021)
9 - Vengo Dalla Luna
10 - Vent'anni
11 - L'altra Dimensione
12 - Zitti E Buoni
13 - Coraline
14 - Supermodel
15 - I Wanna Be Your Slave
16 - The Loneliest
17 - La Fine
18 - Mammamia
19 - For Your Love
20 - Somebody Told Me
21 - La Paura Del Buio
22 - Lividi Sui Gomiti
23 - Let's Get It Started
24 - In Nome Del Padre
25 - Are You Ready?
26 - Close To The Top
27 - Sh*t Blvd
28 - You Need Me, I Don't Need You
29 - Lasciami Stare
30 - Niente Da Dire
31 - Immortale (feat. Vegas Jones)
32 - If I Can Dream (from The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Elvis)
33 - You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You - Live
34 - If I Can Dream
35 - Beggin
36 - Gossip ft.Tom Morello
37 - Gossip
38 - Don't Wanna Sleep
39 - Gossip Ft Tom Morello
40 - Honey (are U Coming?)
2023: Rush!
2017: Chosen


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Ariake Arena
Tokyo, Japan
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