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Mad Professor

Mad Professor (born Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser, 1955, Georgetown, Guyana) is a Guyanese dub music producer and engineer known for his original productions and remix work.


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Mad Professors - The Musical Biography

If you're a lover of music, then you must have come across the works of Mad Professor at some point. Known for his production and dub music, Mad Professor has created a unique niche for himself in the music industry for over four decades. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the fascinating musical biography of Mad Professor. From his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs, we've got you covered.

Born Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser in Georgetown, Guyana in 1955, Mad Professor relocated to London as a teen in the late 1960s. He began his career in music in the 1970s as an engineer at the Channel One studio in Jamaica. There, he acquired the knowledge and expertise that would eventually see him recognized as one of the best dub producers in the world. His love for electronics and experimentation with various studio gear led him to create his signature sound, which features heavy use of echo and reverb.

In 1980, Mad Professor established his own studio called Ariwa. The establishment has since become a hub for British reggae acts and served as a resource center for British sound engineers seeking guidance. It became the hub for his musical productions that often featured revved-up versions of other artists' songs and his own tracks, such as the legendary track, Kunte Kinte Dub. His unique blend of studio wizardry has made him a revered figure in not just the dub world but in the larger UK music industry.

Mad Professor's most famous albums include No Protection and Black Liberation Dub, amongst others. No Protection quickly became a groundbreaking album as it was a remix of trip-hop icons Massive Attack's second album, Protection. The album saw Mad Professor fuse his signature sound with the trip-hop genre, creating a whole new sound. Tracks like Trinity Dub, I Spy, and Eurochild became hits, and the album went on to win numerous awards, including the Mercury Music Prize for Best Album of 1995.

Mad Professor's musical style stems from dub, reggae, and electronica, blending all three in a seamless melting pot. His love for vintage analogue gear saw him become an avid collector of classic instruments like the Minimoog and the Roland Space Echo hardware tape delay. His influences come from genres like punk, rock, as well as jazz, and blues.

Some of his most famous songs include She's a Queen, Beyond the Realms of Dub, Rasta Dub, and 90 Degrees of Shade. These tracks all feature his signature sound of heavy bass, riddim, and echo, making them catchy, dance-worthy tracks that have stood the test of time.

In conclusion, Mad Professor is a certified legend whose contribution to music, especially the dub genre, cannot be denied. His keen ear for sound and proclivity for experimentation have seen him create a unique niche for himself amongst the giants of music. His sound and influence have birthed numerous other dub producers and influenced diverse genres, making him a pioneer in his right. We hope you've learned something new today about Mad Professor and are inspired to delve deeper into his musical catalog.
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1 - Beyond The Realms Of Dub
2 - Rasta Dub
3 - Fast Forward Into Dub
4 - Jail House Dub
5 - Asylum Of Dub
6 - Slave Catcher
7 - Tribal Ground
8 - Inverted Minds
9 - Rasta Chase
10 - Moving Dub (Better Things)
11 - I Spy (Spying Glass)
12 - Cheerful Dub
13 - Melt Down Dub
14 - River Niger
15 - Mad Elaine
16 - Mental Bondage
17 - Santero Dub
18 - Cool Runnings Mandela
19 - Moses Law
20 - Zion
21 - Raging Storm
22 - Internet Spy
23 - Cracking The Code
24 - The Lion Of Judah
25 - Brewing Storm
26 - False Curl Girl
27 - Black Panther Dub
28 - Hi-jacked To Jamaica
29 - Creation Dub
30 - Kunta Kinte
31 - Freedom Chant
32 - Sistren Version
33 - Dub Power
34 - Buccaneer's Cove
35 - Black Orpheus Dub
36 - War Cry
37 - Psychological Warfare
38 - Your Rights/my Rights
39 - Banana Republic
40 - Black Skin White Minds
41 - Devil's Playground
42 - Master Plan
43 - Ankoko
44 - Snake Charmer
45 - Blunt Dub
46 - Trinity Dub - (three
47 - Pirates Of The Airwaves
2000: Techno Dub
1998: Dub Fusion
1998: Dubtronic


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