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Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star is an American alternative rock band formed in 1988 in Santa Monica, California, from remnants of the group Opal. Founding member David Roback's friend Hope Sandoval became the group's vocalist when Kendra Smith left Opal.[3] Mazzy Star is best known for the song "Fade into You", which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay.
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Last songs aggiornate a Ottobre 2022
I've Gotta Stop
Quiet, The Winter Harbor
Give You My Lovin'


Le migliori canzoni di Mazzy Star - la classifica dei top 10 brani dell'artista

1. - Into Dust
2. - Blue Light
3. - Flowers In December
4. - Mary Of Silence
5. - Bells Ring
6. - Five String Serenade
7. - California
8. - Halah
9. - Unreflected
10. - Wasted
2013: ''Seasons of Your Day'' listen full album
1996: ''Among My Swan'' listen full album
1993: ''So Tonight That I Might See'' listen full album
1990: ''She Hangs Brightly'' listen full album