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MGMT is an American psychedelic rock duo founded by Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. After the release of their first album, the members of their live band, Matthew Asti, James Richardson and Will Berman, joined the core band in the studio. Music fans are always eagerly studying their favorite artist's catalog and debating the best songs and music they have. For Mgmt, there are many classic hits that deserve strong consideration for the top of the list. In particular, the anthemic tunes 'Kids' and 'Electric Feel' often come to mind as some of their most beloved songs back from their debut success of Oracular Spectacular from 2007. Additionally, 'Your Life is a Lie' is a fan favorite off their 2013 album MGMT for its smart lyrics and worldbuilding soundscapes. And don't forget about 'Little Dark Age', an enthralling summary of other singles in the record that were equally as standout pieces. Amidst these tunes, Mgmt manage to show growth while still keeping in touch with what makes them such a great group.
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Kids - Soulwax Mix
We Care



MGMT: The Divide Between Esoteric and Innovative Music

For years, the music of MGMT has been a source of conflicting opinions, both good and bad. On one hand, they've produced some of the most innovative and engaging experimental rock albums in recent memory. From their breakout album 'Oracular Spectacular' to their avant-garde releases after that, it's no wonder that they attracted such a wide following with their unconventional and inspirational soundscapes. On the flip side, their distinct approach also drew criticism from those who didn't appreciate what could be seen as rather esoteric elements in their compositions. But despite this divided reaction among fans and critics alike, MGMT persists as an interesting musical act worth talking about - here we'll explore both sides of this debate by examining both something critical and something positive about this intriguing group!

The music of MGMT has been a topic of contention for years. Some praise the group for producing innovative and engaging experimental rock albums, while others criticize them for incorporating what they see as esoteric elements. Despite this divide, MGMT has managed to build a following through their distinct approach to music. In this blog post, we'll explore both the positive and negative aspects of MGMT's music, and hopefully bring some clarity to this ongoing debate.

First and foremost, one cannot talk about MGMT without praising them for their innovation. From their breakout album 'Oracular Spectacular' to their later releases, they have continuously pushed the boundaries of music. Their unique soundscapes are unlike anything else in the industry, and it's clear that the experimental rock genre would not be the same without them. The way they blend different sounds and create new sonic landscapes is truly inspirational.

However, for some listeners, MGMT's experimentation can be overwhelming. Some critics denounce the group for incorporating esoteric elements in their music. While these elements may embody creativity and inventiveness, they could also be seen as inaccessible to some listeners. MGMT often incorporates unconventional melodic and harmonic structures in their music, which can prove challenging to those with a more mainstream taste in music.

Another aspect that begs discussion is MGMT's lyrics. Many find their lyricism quirky and imaginative, but others see it as nonsensical and unengaging. The band's use of cryptic and abstract lyrics is central to their artistic vision, and its success is often influenced by the listener's ability to relate to these themes. Some enjoy the thought-provoking nature of MGMT's lyrics, while others write them off as pretentious.

It's essential to note the evolution of MGMT's music. While 'Oracular Spectacular' was their breakthrough album, their later works such as 'Congratulations,' and 'Little Dark Age' have evolved to incorporate new techniques while still staying true to their innovative approach. It's evident they wished to keep their foundation while experimenting with their influences and new sounds, as their later releases demonstrate. However, this evolution of sound is not always appreciated, with some fans claiming they've betrayed their original sound.

In conclusion, MGMT is an intriguing group that's worth talking about for their contribution to the music industry. The divide between those who enjoy their esoteric elements and those who do not is unlikely to resolve anytime soon. In this debate, we see the importance of artistic liberty and what can be considered overindulgence. All in all, MGMT's soundscapes are both strange yet fascinating, and their unique approach to music is what makes them special.
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1 - Time To Pretend
2 - Electric Feel
3 - Kids
4 - Weekend Wars
5 - The Youth
6 - Pieces of What
7 - 4th Dimensional Transition
8 - Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
9 - The Handshake
10 - Future Reflections
11 - Flash Delirium
12 - Congratulations
13 - Song for Dan Treacy
14 - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
15 - I Found a Whistle
16 - Brian Eno
17 - Siberian Breaks
18 - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
19 - It's Working
20 - Little Dark Age
21 - Someone's Missing
22 - When You Die
23 - Lady Dada's Nightmare
24 - Me And Michael
25 - Alien Days
26 - Indie Rokkers
27 - Your Life Is A Lie
28 - She Works Out Too Much
29 - Love Always Remains
30 - Hand It Over
31 - Cool Song No. 2
32 - Tslamp
33 - Boogie Down
34 - Mystery Disease
35 - Destrokk
36 - James
37 - One Thing Left To Try
38 - Introspection
39 - In The Afternoon
40 - Days That Got Away
41 - When You're Small
42 - A Good Sadness
43 - Astro-mancy
44 - Plenty Of Girls In The Sea
45 - I Love You Too, Death
46 - An Orphan Of Fortune
47 - Metanoia
48 - We Care
49 - Kids - Soulwax Mix
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