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Modern Jazz Quartet

The Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ) was a jazz combo established in 1952 that played music influenced by classical, cool jazz, blues and bebop. For most of its history the Quartet consisted of John Lewis (piano), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Percy Heath (double bass), and Connie Kay (drums).
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2010: ''The Savoy Recordings''
2009: ''Bluesology the Modern Jazz Quartet Anthology the A''
2007: ''Echoes''
2006: ''The Comedy / Lonely Woman''
2005: ''Elegance''
1992: ''The Comedy''
1988: ''For Ellington''
1988: ''The Sheriff''
1987: ''Compact Jazz: The Modern Jazz Quartet Plus''
1985: ''Topsy: This One's for Basie''
1984: ''MJQ''
1981: ''Reunion at Budokan 1981''
1974: ''Blues on Bach''
1968: ''Under the Jasmin Tree''
1965: ''Plays George Gershwin's 'Porgy and Bess'''
1962: ''Lonely Woman''
1960: ''Patterns''
1960: ''Third Stream Music''
1959: ''Pyramid'' listen full album
1957: ''The Modern Jazz Quartet'' listen full album
1956: ''Django'' listen full album
1956: ''Fontessa''
1955: ''Concorde''
1951: ''Modern Jazz Quartet''