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Nothing More

Nothing More is an American rock band from San Antonio, Texas. Formed in 2003, the band spent much of the 2000s recording independent albums and struggling to maintain a steady lineup or attract record label interest. Towards the end of the decade, the band's long-time drummer, Jonny Hawkins, decided to switch to being the band's frontman and lead vocalist, stabilizing the band's core lineup along with other long-time members Mark Vollelunga (guitar) and Daniel Oliver (bass).
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Last songs aggiornate a Dicembre 2021
Go To War
Ripping Me Apart
Fade In / Fade Out


2003: ''Shelter''
2006: ''Vandura''
2007: ''Save You/save Me''
2009: ''The Few Not Fleeting''
2013: ''Nothing More'' listen full album
2017: ''The Stories We Tell Ourselves'' listen full album