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Nox Arcana

Nox Arcana is an American neoclassical dark wave, dark ambient musical duo of Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, formed in 2003. Their name in Latin translates to "mysteries of the night."[1][2] All of Nox Arcana's music is released independently on the Monolith Graphics label, a publishing company owned by Joseph Vargo.
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2013: ''Legion of Shadows''
2012: ''Winter's Majesty''
2011: ''The Dark Tower''
2010: ''Theater of Illusion''
2009: ''Blackthorn Asylum''
2009: ''Winter's Eve''
2008: ''Grimm Tales''
2008: ''Phantoms of the High Seas''
2007: ''Shadow of the Raven''
2006: ''Blood of the Dragon''
2006: ''Carnival of Lost Souls''
2005: ''Transylvania''
2005: ''Winter's Knight''
2004: ''Necronomicon''
2003: ''Darklore Manor''