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Ornette Coleman

Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman (March 9 or 19, 1930 – June 11, 2015)[1] was an American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and composer. In the 1960s, he was one of the founders of free jazz, a term he invented for his album Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation.
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1996: ''Hidden Man''
1995: ''Tone Dialing''
1990: ''Love Call''
1988: ''Virgin Beauty''
1987: ''In All Languages''
1985: ''Song X''
1982: ''Broken Shadows''
1979: ''Soapsuds, Soapsuds''
1978: ''Body Meta''
1977: ''Dancing in Your Head'' listen full album
1975: ''To Whom Who Keeps a Record''
1972: ''Science Fiction''
1972: ''Skies of America'' listen full album
1971: ''Twins''
1970: ''The Art of the Improvisers''
1969: ''Ornette at 12''
1968: ''New York Is Now''
1966: ''The Empty Foxhole''
1962: ''Ornette on Tenor'' listen full album
1962: ''Ornette!''
1960: ''Change of the Century''
1959: ''The Shape of Jazz to Come'' listen full album
1959: ''Tomorrow Is the Question!'' listen full album
1958: ''Something Else!!!!''
1958: ''Something Else!!!!: The Music of Ornette Coleman''