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Paco Stakkz

PACO STAKKZ Genre: hip hop rap https://soundcloud.com/pacostakkz1x/heinz DEFINEITLY UNDERRATED AND SLEPT ON IN A MAJOR WAY...MAJOR LABEL SHOULD BE HAVING A BIDDING WAR FOR HIS TALENT. Paco stakkz, born and raised in the streets of St. Louis, has been in the game for a while. Ready to show off his fresh and raw delivery, his ambitious work ethic and unique style shows that he is ready to let loose on the rap scene with a vengeance. Priding himself on being more than just an average rapper, Stakkz commands respect on the mic and grasps his audience with swagged out style and charming presence. At the young age of 15, Stakkz began making beats and recording music. Soon after he felt the rapping bug and ran away with it. "At some point a producer will rap and a rapper will produce" states the rapper. Since then Paco Stakkz has been on his musical journey for success. From rocking hard with Mobb Muzik to jamming with Ruff Ryders, under their Gamedog imprint, to now standing strong with his DRIP MAJORS ENT. label, Stakkz has been able to take his lyrical content to another level. https://soundcloud.com/pacostakkz1x/belgian-white https://youtu.be/H0owcrnXb_I https://pacostakkz.wixsite.com/dripmajorsent www.twitter.com/pstakkz1x www.facebook.com/pacostakkz www.instagram.com/pacostakkz https://www.pushpowerpromo.com/paco-stakkz Photo Link(s): https://www.123formbuilder.com/upload_dld.php?fileid=4fe75456c98eed3630b016a032c00fe8 https://www.123formbuilder.com/upload_dld.php?fileid=d50bf9a668a0297c0e2ab486337e2d7b Contact: Pacostakkz@gmail.com _____________________________________________________
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