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Piers Faccini

Piers Faccini (born Piers Damian G. Faccini, 1970) is an English singer, painter and songwriter. Piers Faccini is an accomplished artist who has created sonic landscapes of musical history spanning soul, jazz, African grooves and baroque textures over the last two decades. His songs tap into conventions used to adapt traditional cultures' music for use to convey an emotional response to contemporary spiritual and terrestrial modes of belonging. Faccini's seven studio albums offer varied perspectives cocooned in sentiment while ultimately exploring melodies and lyrics that encourage a greater awareness of our sides large and small. Anchoring his repertoire in blues based harmonies, he interprets original material emerging as much from thought process as sound tangible feelings hosted sometimes by transcendental musical atmospheres. His latest released album named ‘Between Dogs And Wolves’ delves into humanity and folklore with layered multi –instrumental arrangements whereas still reinforcing radio play friendly hints balanced by more reinvented expressions quoting folk music from Eastern Mediterranean areas but centered mostly on chosen underlying minor tonalities. From a bevy of hits and masterpieces it may be hard to select Piers Faccini at best; choose ‘A Bird In The Hand’ or ‘Diaposon Berylliuim Suleraswifi’ carefully to explore what can sometimes be felt melodically familiar yet new performant delights originate through the listening experience like siren calls not rarely touched deeply upon one's dusty memory paths.


1 - Tribe
2 - A Storm Is Going to Come
3 - Black Rose
4 - Broken Mirror
5 - Missing Words
6 - If I
7 - Sharpening Bone
8 - Midnight rolling
9 - Talk to her
10 - Circles round you
11 - Days like These
12 - Sons and daughters
13 - Uncover my eyes
14 - Where angels fly
15 - Fire in my head
16 - No Reply
17 - That Cry
18 - Strangers
19 - Heaven's Gate
20 - Bring Down The Wall
21 - The Beggar & The Thief
22 - Your Name No More
23 - All The Love In All The World
24 - Each Wave That Breaks
25 - Two Grains Of Sand
26 - Walk Over To You
27 - Who By Fire
28 - The Wind That Blows
29 - A Home Away From Home
30 - At The Window Of The World
31 - To See Is To Believe
32 - Who Loves The Shade
33 - Save A Place For Me
34 - Time Of Nought
35 - Come The Harvest
36 - Catch A Flame
37 - Deep Blue Sea
38 - Come My Demons