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Platero Y Tu

Platero y Tú (Spanish pronunciation: [plaˈteɾo i ˈtu]) was a Spanish rock and roll and blues rock band formed in Bilbao in the 1980s, and disbanded in 2001. Their lyrics mainly deal about drugs, bar issues and love, and their style, being mainly influenced by bands such as Status Quo, AC/DC or Leño, and guitarists like John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival, broke with the Basque Radical Rock trend of the moment.
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2000: ''Correos''
1997: ''7''
1996: ''Voy a acabar borracho''
''Hay poco rock''
1993: ''Vamos Tirando''
1992: ''Burrock'n Roll''
1992: ''Muy deficiente''