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Poison Idea

Poison Idea is an American punk rock band formed in Portland, Oregon, United States, in 1980.[3] The band originally dissolved in 1993, but has been playing intermittently since 1998. They officially disbanded as of January 1, 2017 and reunited in 2018.
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2006: ''Latest Will and Testament'' listen full album
1996: ''Pig's Last Stand''
1993: ''Dysfunctional Songs for Codependent Addicts''
1993: ''We Must Burn'' listen full album
1992: ''Blank Blackout Vacant'' listen full album
1990: ''Feel the Darkness'' listen full album
1987: ''War All the Time'' listen full album
1986: ''Kings of Punk'' listen full album
1984: ''Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes'' listen full album