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Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Maria Pelloni (born 18 June 1943), better known as Raffaella Carrà (Italian: [raffaˈɛlla karˈra]), is an Italian singer, dancer, television presenter, and actress. She is a popular figure in Europe and Latin America, both as a result of her many well-known taped presentations and records, and because of her many popular TV shows.
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1970: ''Raffaella''
1971: ''Raffaella Carrà''
1974: ''Felicità Tà Tà''
1974: ''Milleluci''
1976: ''Fiesta''
1976: ''Forte Forte Forte''
1979: ''Applauso''
1980: ''Latino''
1982: ''Raffaella Carrà '82''
1984: ''Bolero''
1984: ''Fatalità''
1985: ''Fidati!''
1990: ''Mi Spendo Tutto''
1991: ''Raffaella Carrà''
1993: ''Hola Raffaella''
1996: ''Carràmba Che Rumba!''