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Ramsey Lewis

Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis Jr. (born May 27, 1935) is an American jazz composer, pianist and radio personality. Ramsey Lewis has recorded over 80 albums and has received five gold records and three Grammy Awards so far in his career.
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1996: ''Between the Keys''
1993: ''Sky Islands''
1992: ''Ivory Pyramid''
1990: ''Tequila Mockingbird''
1987: ''Keys to the City''
1983: ''Les Fleurs''
1981: ''Three Piece Suite''
1980: ''Routes''
1979: ''Ramsey''
1978: ''Legacy'' listen full album
1977: ''Love Notes''
1976: ''Salongo''
1975: ''Don't It Feel Good''
1974: ''Solar Wind''
1974: ''Sun Goddess''
1973: ''Funky Serenity'' listen full album
1970: ''Them Changes''
1968: ''Maiden Voyage''
1968: ''Mother Nature's Son''
1967: ''Up Pops''
1966: ''The Movie Album''
1966: ''Wade in the Water''
1962: ''Bossa Nova''
1962: ''Country Meets the Blues''
1962: ''Sound of Spring''