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Rollins Band

Rollins Band was an American rock band from 1987 to 2006, formed in Van Nuys, California and led by former Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins. They are best known for the songs "Low Self Opinion" and "Liar", which both earned heavy airplay on MTV in the early-mid 1990s.
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2005: ''Come in and Burn Sessions''
2004: ''Weighting''
2001: ''A Nicer Shade of Red''
2001: ''Nice'' listen full album
2001: ''Yellow Blues'' listen full album
2000: ''Get Some Go Again''
1997: ''Come In and Burn'' listen full album
1994: ''Weight'' listen full album
1992: ''The End of Silence'' listen full album
1989: ''Hard Volume'' listen full album
1987: ''Life Time'' listen full album
''Being Obscene''