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Hopeton Overton Brown (born 18 April 1960 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a recording engineer and producer who rose to fame in the 1980s mixing dub music as "Scientist". A protégé of King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock), Scientist's contemporaries include several figures who, working at King Tubby's studio, had helped pioneer the genre in the 1970s: Ruddock, Bunny Lee, Philip Smart, Pat Kelly and Prince Jammy.
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Last songs aggiornate a Gennaio 2021
The Corpse Rises
The Voodoo Curse
Your Teeth In My Neck


1997: ''Dub for Daze, Volume Two''
1997: ''Scientist Meets the Crazy Mad Professor at Channel'' listen full album
1996: ''(Scientist Meets Roots Radics) Dubbin With Horns''
1996: ''Dub in the Roots Tradition''
1996: ''Jah Thomas Meets Scientist in Dub Conference''
1996: ''King Tubby's Meets Scientist at Dub Station''
1996: ''King Tubby's Meets Scientist in a World of Dub''
1996: ''Lee Perry Meets Scientist at the Blackheart Studio''
''Fatman Presents Twin Spin, Volume 1: Dub Confronta''
1987: ''King of Dub''
1983: ''High Priest of Dub'' listen full album
1983: ''Repatriation Dub''
1983: ''Scientist and Jammy Strike Back!''
1983: ''The Peoples Choice''
1982: ''Dub Landing, Volume 2''
1982: ''Heavy Metal Dub''
1982: ''Scientist Encounters Pac-Man''
1981: ''Dub Landing''
1981: ''In the Kingdom of Dub'' listen full album
1981: ''Scientific Dub'' listen full album
1981: ''Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the ''
1981: ''World at War''
1980: ''Heavyweight Dub Champion''
1980: ''Scientist vs. Prince Jammy: Big Showdown at King T''
1980: ''The Best Dub Album in the World (Introducing Scien''