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Sepultura (Portuguese pronunciation: [se.puw.?tu.??]) (Portuguese for grave) is a Brazilian metal band from Belo Horizonte. Sepultura is a Brazilian heavy metal and groove metal band created in the 1980s. Their music features a wide range of styles, such as thrash metal, hardcore punk, industrial, and alternative rock. From classic mega hits like Carefull What You Wish For to the apocalyptic bliss of Mask, Sepultura has crafted a sonic landscape that will stick with heavy metal fans for years to come. Beloved fans especially rally behind tracks from their fifth studio album Arise. Sepultura's best songs continue to impress audiences even four decades in, let yourself be moved by the blazing intensity of brave singles like Ambushed or delve deeper into transcendental technicalities of fan favourites like Inner Self. Led by drum prodigy Igor Cavalera, once termed ‘Killer Style’ by kerrang Magazine, Sepultura's layered melody rises out to become part of hard rock folklore today still admired by millions around the world.


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The Thrilling Musical Journey of Sepultura

If you’re a fan of heavy metal music, then you must have heard about the legendary band, Sepultura. This Brazilian band is known for their aggressive sound and powerful stage performances. With their unique music style and thought-provoking lyrics, Sepultura has won the hearts of many music lovers across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating musical journey of Sepultura, exploring their beginnings, most famous albums, and renowned songs while getting insights into their musical style and influences.

Beginnings of Sepultura

Sepultura was founded in 1984 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, by the brothers Max Cavalera and Igor Cavalera, along with Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. Their first album, Morbid Visions, released in 1986, was a mix of death and thrash metal that quickly gained popularity in the underground metal community. The band's second album, Schizophrenia, was released in 1987 and was responsible for Sepultura's international recognition as their fiery and heavy sound captured the hearts of metal fans globally. As the band continued to grow, they started integrating Brazilian sounds and rhythms into their music, making them unique and fascinating to listen to.

Most Famous Albums of Sepultura

As Sepultura's music evolved, so did their sound and message. Their 1993 album, Chaos A.D., is regarded as one of their greatest works as it features a politically charged and socially conscious message along with an intense and diverse sound. The band's 1996 album, Roots, was Sepultura's most experimental and unique work yet. It embraced Brazilian sounds and culture, making it a distinct piece of work in the metal genre. Sepultura's latest album, Quadra, released in 2020, showcases the band's ability to evolve and adapt to current times while remaining true to their origins.

Most Famous Songs of Sepultura

Throughout their history, Sepultura has released many songs that have become classics within the metal scene. Their song Refuse/Resist from the album Chaos A.D. is an anthem that represents their willingness to break the status quo and fight against the system. Arise, from their 1991 album of the same name, is a metal masterpiece that highlights Sepultura's technical ability and lyrical depth. Roots Bloody Roots from the album Roots is an ode to their Brazilian heritage, highlighted by their fusion of metal and Brazilian rhythms. These are just a few of the many iconic tracks that have kept Sepultura at the top of the metal genre.

Musical style and influences

Musical style and influences

Sepultura's musical style is a fusion of different genres such as death, black, and thrash metal along with Brazilian rhythms, traditional music, and tribal beats. This blend creates a unique sound that has established the band's signature sound. Additionally, Sepultura's lyrics often touch on social and political issues, making them more than just a heavy metal band. Influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Metallica, Sepultura has become a legendary band in their own right, inspiring many metal bands to come.

Sepultura's musical journey is a fascinating one, filled with twists and turns that have left a significant impact on the metal genre. From their beginnings in Brazil to their international success, Sepultura remains a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Their fusion of genres, socially conscious lyrics, and intense live performances have won them countless fans worldwide. With an extensive discography and influential sound, Sepultura's legacy will continue to inspire generations of metal fans to come.
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Sepultura: Pioneers of Brazilian Thrash Metal

The Brazilian thrash metal band, Sepultura, is widely considered to be one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in metal history. Since their formation in 1984, they have continually pushed boundaries with their distinctive blend of driving riffs and tribal rhythms that has set them apart from many other bands in the genre. However, not all reviews are glowing with praise; some critics point out flaws in Sepultura’s lack of consistency throughout their extensive discography. Regardless, whether you love or hate Sepultura’s musical style, it cannot be denied that they continue to remain relevant and respected after more than three decades together as a band. In this blog post we will explore both the critics’ points of view on how Sepultura falls short at times but also dive into what elements contribute to make up their success over such an extended time period in music.

The 1980s was a heady time for heavy metal, with bands all over the world pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the genre. One such band that made a significant impact during this period was Sepultura, a thrash metal band from Brazil. Since their formation in 1984, Sepultura has been known for their unique blend of aggressive riffs and raw, tribal rhythms. Their music has influenced and inspired countless other bands over the years, making them one of the most groundbreaking and highly regarded bands in the genre.

That being said, not everyone is a fan of Sepultura's music. Some critics have pointed out issues with their consistency throughout their extensive discography. But regardless of your opinion of Sepultura, one thing is for sure: after more than three decades together as a band, they remain one of the most relevant and respected names in metal music. In this blog post, we will explore both the criticisms and the elements that have contributed to their success over the years.

Sepultura's music style is not for everyone, and it is understandable why some critics have taken issue with their lack of consistency throughout their discography. While they have released several highly acclaimed albums, some of their work can be erratic, with highs and lows in terms of quality and creativity. Critics have pointed out that this is likely due to the band's ever-changing lineup, with different members bringing in different influences and ideas.

However, despite these criticisms, Sepultura has remained extremely popular and has influenced countless bands over the years. One element contributing to their success is the raw power of their music. Their blend of thrash and tribal rhythms is incredibly energetic and engaging, making it difficult to resist headbanging along. They also incorporate elements of Brazilian culture into their music, making their sound unique and instantly recognizable.

Another element that keeps Sepultura relevant is their willingness to experiment with different musical styles. Throughout their career, they have incorporated elements of punk rock, death metal, and even classical music into their music. This willingness to push boundaries and incorporate new sounds has kept them fresh and exciting, even after all these years.

Another key to Sepultura's longevity is their dedication to their fans. The band has a large and loyal following all over the world, and they continue to tour and release new music despite lineup changes and other challenges. They are also heavily involved in the metal community, supporting other bands and helping to nurture new talent. The band's interaction with their fans and their commitment to the community has helped to build up their reputation over the years.

In conclusion, Sepultura is an incredible band that has made a significant impact on the metal genre. While they may not be perfect and have faced criticism over the years, their unique style and willingness to experiment has kept them relevant and respected even after more than three decades in the business. If you're a metal fan, give Sepultura a listen and see why they have inspired so many other bands across the world. Whether you love or hate their music, there's no denying that this Brazilian thrash metal band is one of a kind.

In conclusion, Sepultura is an incredible band that has made a significant impact on the metal genre. While they may not be perfect and have faced criticism over the years, their unique style and willingness to experiment has kept them relevant and respected even after more than three decades in the business. If you're a metal fan, give Sepultura a listen and see why they have inspired so many other bands across the world. Whether you love or hate their music, there's no denying that this Brazilian thrash metal band is one of a kind.
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1 - Slave New World
2 - Under Siege
3 - Arise
4 - Resist
5 - Coquinho
6 - Dead Embryonic Cells
7 - Roots Bloody Roots
8 - Ratamahatta
9 - Territory
10 - Propaganda
11 - Biotech Is Godzilla
12 - Amen
13 - Attitude
14 - Breed Apart
15 - Spit
16 - Troops of Doom
17 - Inner Self
18 - Cut-Throat
19 - Kaiowas
20 - Straighthate
21 - Dusted
22 - We Who Are Not as Others
23 - The Hunt
24 - Desperate Cry
25 - Nomad
26 - Born Stubborn
27 - Beneath The Remains
28 - Manifest
29 - Jasco
30 - Ambush
31 - Lookaway
32 - Dictatorshit
33 - Endangered Species
34 - Clenched Fist
35 - Orgasmatron
36 - Murder
37 - Intro
38 - Mass Hypnosis
39 - Altered State
40 - Subtraction
41 - Stronger Than Hate
42 - Slaves Of Pain
43 - Infected Voice
44 - Meaningless Movements
45 - Lobotomy
46 - Sarcastic Existence
47 - The Abyss
48 - Primitive Future
49 - Escape To The Void
50 - To The Wall


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