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Severed Heads

Severed Heads are an Australian electronic music group founded in 1979 as Mr. and Mrs. No Smoking Sign. The original members were Richard Fielding and Andrew Wright, who were soon joined by Tom Ellard. Fielding and Wright had both left the band by mid-1981.
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2007: ''Op3''
2006: ''Under Gail Succubus''
2005: ''Op 2.5: Millennium Cheesecake''
2004: ''Op 2.0''
2003: ''Op 1.2''
2002: ''Blubberknife''
2002: ''Op''
2001: ''Sevcom Music Server 1: Cubicle Broadcasts''
1999: ''Ear Bitten''
1998: ''Haul Ass Special Edition''
1994: ''Gigapus''
1991: ''Cuisine (with Piscatorial)''
1989: ''City Slab Horror''
1989: ''Rotund for Success''
1987: ''Bad Mood Guy''
1987: ''Come Visit The Big Bigot with Dead Eyes Opened''
1985: ''Stretcher''
1983: ''Since the Accident''
1981: ''Clean''
1980: ''Side 2''