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Siniestro Total

Siniestro Total (meaning literally 'total write-off' as in the insurance term for a vehicle that is beyond repair following a motor accident) is a Galician punk rock group from Vigo, Spain. It was founded in 1981 during the cultural movement called Movida viguesa by Julián Hernández, Alberto Torrado and Miguel Costas.
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2005: ''Popular, democrático y científico''
2000: ''La historia del Blues'' listen full album
1997: ''Sesión Vermú''
1995: ''Policlínico miserable''
1993: ''Made in Japan''
1990: ''En beneficio de todos'' listen full album
1988: ''Me gusta como andas''
1987: ''De hoy no pasa'' listen full album
1985: ''Bailaré sobre tu tumba''
1984: ''Menos mal que nos queda Portugal'' listen full album
1983: ''Siniestro Total II: El Regreso''
1982: ''¿Cuándo se come aquí?''