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An accomplished artist is known for their innovation and risk-taking. Spearhead is no exception - leading the way in musical history for decades, with revolutionary songs and awe-inspiring albums that have gone down in music lore. Enduring classics like Best Songs Ever and Albums of Note have garnered critical acclaim worldwide, etching their mark into the annals of time. Spearhead is an undeniable powerhouse when it comes to creating melodic masterpieces and timeless pieces of artistry.


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Discovering Spearhead: A Musical Biography

Do you love the experimental soul and funk sound mixed with reggae that was popularized in the 1990s? If yes, then you have probably heard of Michael Franti, the frontman of Spearhead. With his unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Franti has been a significant influence in the world of music for decades. His music and his life story are inspiring, and today, we will explore his biography.

Michael Franti was born in Oakland, California, in 1966. As a young boy, he was surrounded by music and activism, and these two elements would eventually become a significant part of his career. When he was in college, he formed his first music band called the Beatnigs. The group was short-lived, but Franti would soon find success with his next band, the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. They quickly gained recognition for their sound that fused rap and soul music, and their political and social stance.

After the collective disbanded, Franti founded Spearhead in the mid-1990s. With this new project, he wanted to explore a more optimistic and uplifting sound, one that incorporated elements of soul, funk, reggae, and rock. Over the years, Spearhead has released many albums, and each one presents a unique combination of genres and themes.

One of Spearhead's most influential albums is Stay Human, which was released in 2001. The record was a tribute to human resilience and featured songs that tackled issues like capital punishment, media bias, and homelessness. It also had samples of speeches by activists and music legends like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. The album quickly gained a cult following and paved the way for Spearhead's mainstream success.

Another significant album for Spearhead is Soulrocker, released in 2016. The album was a departure from their previous work and showcased a more electronic and dance-inspired sound. The album's title track was catchy and upbeat and had a message of love and unity. The album's release was also followed by a global tour, which helped cement Spearhead's place as a formidable force in the world of music.

Spearhead has many popular songs that you may recognize, like Say Hey (I Love You), The Sound of Sunshine, and Yell Fire! These tracks capture Spearhead's unique sound and message of love, unity, and resistance. They are the perfect example of how music can inspire and uplift us.

Spearhead's musical style is a fusion of many genres, but at its core, it is rooted in the sound of soul and hip hop. Franti has cited musicians like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Public Enemy as some of his most significant influences. He also draws inspiration from social, political, and spiritual issues, which often find their way into his lyrics.

Michael Franti's musical journey is a testament to the power of music as a tool for change. With Spearhead, he has created a sound that is both unique and inspiring, and his message of love and unity is more relevant today than ever before. Whether you are a longtime fan or someone discovering his music for the first time, Spearhead's music will undoubtedly uplift and motivate you. So, take some time to listen to his albums and songs, and immerse yourself in the world of Spearhead.
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The Power of Michael Franti and Spearhead's Message of Hope and Justice

Michael Franti and Spearhead have been producing incredible, soulful records filled with positivity since the late 90s. As an artist, Michael puts his passion for social justice into every track he creates — deeply critiquing systemic issues while also weaving in threads of hope and encouragement throughout his music. In today’s blog post we’re going to look at both the critique and appreciation that has come out of this group's work.

In a world filled with chaos and negativity, the music of Michael Franti and Spearhead provides a much-needed respite. From the late 90s to today, they have been producing soulful records that inspire listeners to be thoughtful and optimistic about the future, even in the face of social and systemic issues. Rooted in Michael's passion for social justice, the band's music is a mix of critique and appreciation that continues to impact audiences worldwide. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into Michael Franti and Spearhead's message of hope and justice, exploring the ways in which their music resonates with listeners.

First and foremost, what makes Michael Franti and Spearhead stand out in the music industry is their ability to address difficult topics while simultaneously offering encouragement and hope. At the heart of their message is the idea that change is possible, and that we must work towards it together. Tracks like Stay Human and We Are All Earthlings embody this ethos, challenging listeners to think about the ways in which we can create a more just and equitable world. By acknowledging the systemic issues and injustices that plague our society, while also offering a pathway forward, Michael Franti and Spearhead's music inspires listeners to be agents of change themselves.

Another essential element of Michael Franti and Spearhead's music is their use of sound and rhythm to convey a message. The band masterfully weaves together a variety of genres, including funk, soul, hip hop, and reggae, creating a unique sound that matches their message of unity and collaboration. This unique sound draws from a diverse range of influences, including Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Public Enemy, resulting in music that is both refreshing and timeless. By embracing these various genres, Michael Franti and Spearhead engage with listeners across a wide spectrum of musical tastes, and their message becomes accessible to a broader audience.

Perhaps most notably, Michael Franti and Spearhead's music emphasizes the power of love as a tool for change. As Michael himself has said, when we are in a state of love, we see the world differently. This is a sentiment that is evident in much of their music, which frequently celebrates love, compassion, and empathy. Tracks like Love Will Save The Day and Yell Fire! demonstrate that love can be a force that unites people across all divides, inspiring them to work together towards a common cause. By focusing on the power of love, Michael Franti and Spearhead offer a message of hope even in the darkest of times.

Of course, Michael Franti and Spearhead's music is not just about social justice. They are a band that has always celebrated life itself, encouraging listeners to find joy in the simple things in life. Their song Sound Of Sunshine offers a powerful reminder that even amidst struggle and hardship, there are moments of happiness and beauty to be found. The band's music honors the beauty of life, the shared human experience, and the moments that bring us all together.

Ultimately, the message of Michael Franti and Spearhead's music is one of hope and unity in an often-divided world. By addressing systemic issues and offering encouragement and inspiration, their music encourages listeners to believe in their power to make a difference. Their unique sound draws from a diverse range of genres, making their message of hope accessible to a wide audience. And by emphasizing the power of love and the beauty of life, Michael Franti and Spearhead offer a message that is both uplifting and empowering. Whether you're a longtime fan of the band or a new listener, their music is sure to inspire you towards optimism and positivity.
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1 - People In Tha Middle
2 - Hole in the Bucket
3 - Positive
4 - Crime To Be Broke In America
5 - Dream Team
6 - Ganja Babe
7 - The Sound Of Sunshine
8 - Oh My God
9 - Light Up Ya Lighter
10 - Everyone Deserves Music
11 - Hey Now Now
12 - Sometimes
13 - What I Be
14 - Time to Go Home
15 - I Got Love For You
16 - Rude Boys Back In Town
17 - Hello Bonjour
18 - Sweet Little Lies
19 - Life In The City
20 - Love Is Da Shit
21 - Of Course You Can
22 - Piece O' Peace
23 - Caught Without An Umbrella
24 - Keep Me Lifted
25 - Runfayalife
26 - 100,000 Miles
27 - Red Beans & Rice
28 - Chocolate Supa Highway
29 - U Can't Sing R Song
30 - Food For The Masses
31 - Why Oh Why
32 - Comin' To Gitcha
33 - Madness In Tha Hood (free Ride)
34 - People In The Middle
35 - Aftermath
36 - Decrowning The Irenarch
37 - When The Pillars Fall
38 - Road To Austerlitz
39 - Iulianus Augustus Apostata
40 - Eschatos
41 - Mors Triumphalis
42 - Brotherhood Of Arms
2011: Theomachia


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