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Jonathan Gooch (born 22 August 1984 in Hertfordshire, England), more commonly known by his stage names Feed Me and Spor, is a drum and bass, dubstep, and electro house producer and DJ.



The Complex Soundscapes of Spor: Exploring Criticisms and Celebrating Achievements

The UK-based producer Spor has been making waves in the electronic dance music scene for over a decade, having released decks-wrecking bangers such as Aztec, Knock You Down and his remix of The Prodigy's classic track, Breathe. His style is bold and powerful; taking elements from drum & bass, dubstep and other bass heavy genres to create an electrifying atmosphere wherever he plays. However, despite being widely acknowledged for producing some outstanding tracks that have become club favorites around the world, there are those who criticize the consistency of his sound – particularly when comparing one project to another. In this blog post we aim to provide an in depth look at both sides of the picture: exploring not only what people find fault with but also celebrating Spor's achievements within EDM so far.

If you're a fan of electronic dance music, you've probably heard of Spor. This UK-based producer has been producing quality tracks for over a decade, blending various elements from different genres to create a unique and electrifying style. But despite being widely acknowledged as a master of his craft, there are criticisms surrounding his music, particularly when it comes to consistency. In this blog post, we'll explore the good, the bad, and everything in between, to get a deeper understanding of Spor's music.

Spor's style is distinct and complex, drawing inspiration from genres such as drum & bass, dubstep, and electronica. He has played a pivotal role in the rise of drum & bass, particularly during its golden era in the early 2000s. His tracks are often polished and varied, with intricate sound design and hard-hitting drops that are instantly recognizable. However, this complexity also plays a part in the criticism against him. Some listeners argue that his tracks can be difficult to follow, with an overwhelming amount of sounds competing for attention. While this may be true for some, others might appreciate the depth and complexity that Spor brings to the table.

Another criticism of Spor is his inconsistency. While his tracks all have a similar sound and feel, some argue that his music lacks cohesion and progression. Some see his discography as a collection of bangers rather than a cohesive album or EP. Despite this, each of his tracks showcases his signature sound and style, which is undeniably impressive. His music is also versatile enough to fit into various settings, from clubs to festivals to personal listening.

On the other hand, it's hard to deny Spor's achievements within the dance music scene. His tracks have become club favorites across the globe, with Aztec, in particular, being hailed as a classic in drum & bass and beyond. His remix of The Prodigy's Breathe is also a standout track that has stood the test of time. Spor is a master of sound design, creating complex and layered tracks that always leave an impression on the listener. His music has influenced countless other artists and has solidified his place in the dance music history books.

Despite the criticisms of Spor, it's important to remember that music is subjective. What one person may see as a flaw in his music, another might see as a strength. Spor's complex soundscapes may not be for everyone, but they are undoubtedly impressive and unique. He has left a lasting impact on the drum & bass and wider dance music scene, and his influence continues to be felt today.

In conclusion, it's clear that Spor is a talented and influential producer in the dance music scene. While there are criticisms against his music, these should not overshadow his achievements in pushing the boundaries of electronic music. His complex soundscapes and impressive sound design are his strengths, even if they may not be to everyone's taste. We should celebrate his contributions to dance music and appreciate the impact he has had on the industry. So let's keep listening to Spor's tracks and appreciate the creativity and innovation he brings to the table.
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1 - Do Not Shake
2 - Brickbeats
3 - Pacifica - Chasing Shadows Remix
4 - Kingdom
5 - 103 Degrees
6 - Supernova
7 - Ziggurat
8 - Push Me, Pull You
9 - Overdue
10 - Ein Kompliment
11 - Aztec
12 - Ich, Roque
13 - Alles Roger!
14 - Auf der guten Seite
15 - Alpha Trion
16 - 1up
17 - Pacifica - Kito & Reija Remix
18 - Cyberpunk
19 - Way Of The Samurai
20 - Insecticide
21 - Haunt Me
22 - Ultimate Technology
23 - Dante's Inferno
24 - Halogen
25 - The Resistance
26 - Silver Spaceman
27 - Dreadnought
28 - Ignition
29 - Claret's March
30 - Knock You Down
31 - The Eyes Have It
32 - Empire
33 - Like Clockwork
34 - Valentine
35 - Lose It
36 - Some Other Funk
37 - To The Death
38 - Kaori
39 - As Dust Falls
40 - Three Ravens
41 - Molehill
42 - Resolute
43 - Hydra
44 - Stoppit
45 - Powder Monkey
46 - As I Need You
47 - Always Right Never Left
48 - Arms House
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